Porch Column Base Replacement

Porch Column Base Replacement: Replacing Rotted Wooden Column Base

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It is important to know that replacement on porch column base should be done as soon as you identify that one of the old porch column bases is rotted.

Fear not, you actually can do this project by yourself even though you have less knowledge about this stuff. Wood is the perfect choice for the replacement as it is durable, cheap, and can look decorative.

Now, it is time to follow the instructions below.

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1. Jack the Structure

Normally, when replacing porch column base you need to use a hydraulic jack to provide temporary support. Besides, using a hydraulic jack is necessary in order to keep the roof steady and safe while you are removing the old or rotted porch column base. You should be careful to do this because it is a risky task to do.

2. Build a Wall or Post Support

If you are unsure about how the ceiling beam was constructed, then you need to install two temporary wall or post support on either side of the column. By installing these two temporary post supports, they can distribute the porch weight on the deck frame.

3. Make Tiered Column Base Design

What you need to prepare some tools, which are 2×6 wooden boards, a measuring tape, a circular saw, and rafter. Measure the column base then transfer the measurements to a piece of wood you have prepared. Then, trim off the piece of wood according to the measurement. Use the rafter to help the cut to be straight.

Repeat the step to make another two column bases design, however, this time you need to make one smaller and the other one even smaller than the second. Make tiered column base design as needed.

4. Remove the Old Column Base

After you have done making the new column base design, the next step you should do is to remove the old or rotted column base. Tear down the existing wood columns using hammer and pry bar.

Tear out as much of the existing or old column as you can. However, try to minimize the damage to nearby ceiling, floor, and walls.

5. Install the New Column Base

Now, you can install the new column base you have created. Installing the new column base can be tricky as you cannot hit the column with a hammer. Instead of doing that risky thing, you can shave off some of the columns.

Or, you can jack the porch up higher so you can install the new column base easily. After that, don’t forget to pre-drill everything to fasten the column base with the column.

6. Remove the Supporting Posts then Move to the Next Objective

The last thing to do is to remove the supporting posts carefully. Then, move to the next column if you have another column base replacement.

Replacing and old or rotted column base should be done immediately in order to preserve the life of the porch column and the base. Moreover, it is known that replacing the column base will ensure the safety of the building. These steps above are essential to follow in order to keep your house safe and steady.

Porch Column Base Replacement Faux stone

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