What to Pair with Unfinished Maple Kitchen Island
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What to Pair with Unfinished Maple Kitchen Island

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Among many wood used for kitchen island, maple is one of the most usual. While rustic style is in trend, they often leave it without finishing for raw look.

Whether you will finish it or leave it unfinished, maple is always good to pair with several colors and materials.

If you plan to buy one, you should consider using one of these combinations.

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1. White Tone Marble

White marble is a popular option for kitchen countertop and it makes a great match for the maple wood color.

Its natural color is neutral and light, and combining it with white tone marble will create chic and modern look in an instant.

You don’t need to stay with pure white. Instead, you should consider not-so-white marble with a little pattern in other color like grey or black to match.

It has accent and depth while it prevents your kitchen island from being boring. Maple is maybe light, but it is sturdy enough to handle marble countertop.

White tone marble kitchen island countertop
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2. Glossy Black Marble

This is another alternative when you want to use marble. Black marble is a popular option when you want to reach the modern look.

It simply adds elegance and class in an instant. Glossy black marble is probably one of the best to reach more expensive look as well for being dazzling naturally.

While this marble requires the same simple maintenance in routine, the glossy look makes sure you get sophisticated touch and clean impression all the time.

The contrasting tone is perfect to keep the kitchen balance. If you like your kitchen young and impressive, this is your answer.

Glossy Black Marble kitchen island countertop
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3. Concrete

The combination of concrete and maple is no longer a new thing but the look is still surprising. It is always pleasing to see two contrastive natural material combined together.

The maple wood will make a perfect platform for the concrete countertop. Don’t worry, if you get the right measurement, maple is sturdy enough for it.

As for the color, concrete goes well in almost any color, from white to black, grey to royal blue, or any color you like to use.

Grey will make it more industrial looking while white is totally modern. Match it with your kitchen interior color palette.

Concrete combination ideas for unfinished kitchen island countertop
Image: concreteexchange.com

4. Any Material in Warm Brown Tone

Maple is still good to combine with any material if you get the right color for it. Maple tends to be light in color and it makes it only logical to combine it with warmer tone.

For example, light maple will go great with deep brown wood for the countertop. It prevents the pale look and create depth in the final finish.

Warm Brown Tone kitchen island countertops
Image: Chonehome.com

The best thing about this alternative is you have limitless options. As long as you choose warmer tone than the maple tone, you can’t be wrong.

It allows you to be more flexible in choosing. In short, there are more than enough options to match the maple kitchen island with the unfinished condition.

Instead of being hard to set, it is actually very flexible and stylish at the same time. If you plan to buy this kitchen island, don’t worry about matching it.

What to Pair with Unfinished Maple Kitchen Island for countertop

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