Kitchen floor and cabinet color combinations

Choices of Kitchen Floors with White VS Dark Cabinets

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Do you already have a kitchen yet there is still no floor and cabinets? Do you have trouble in choosing the right color? Well, now you should not worry about it anymore.

Simply read these following points below about the difference between kitchen flooring with white and dark cabinets:

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Kitchen Floor with White Cabinets

 If we talk about white cabinets, then the right color for the floor should be contrast with it; which is black. But in this case, black is not always the right color.

Why is it? It is because white cabinets would be great to be matched with wood colors, whether it is bright or dark.

But of course, wood is not the only flooring capable to match with white cabinets; tiles are also capable to match the white cabinets.

Even French-style flooring, that uses limestone materials, would be great if it’s matched with white cabinets. Therefore, you should see whether the rest of the rooms match with the flooring color.

Kitchen floor ideas with white cabinets

Also, if you want wood as the kitchen flooring, you need to check your budget first because you surely want the best flooring material. Wood material like oak, cherry, and maple are called hardwood and like its name, it is hard, strong, and durable.

If you find pine is a lot cheaper, it is because pine is also called as softwood which has bad durability as it is easy to break. If you seek elegance and class, you might want to install marble flooring. Kitchen floor with white cabinets are meant for bright atmosphere.

Kitchen Floor with Dark Cabinets

There are many types of flooring that you can choose to balance the dark color of the dark cabinets. Well, not everything has to be contrast; it all depends on the purpose of the flooring. If you seek dark kitchen with class and a touch of dark color, then you should install flooring with dark wood.

Combining them will surely give the kitchen a classy, elegant, and also professional look. Wood is also known to give rustic ascent to the room the flooring is in.

In this case, your kitchen will get that rustic accent. To give it a contrast touch, you might want to use white oak wood or ash wood.

Ash wood is more recommended because the color, texture and durability are better than white oak. To give an elegant, contrast, and traditional look to your kitchen, you should consider using travertine flooring.

For more traditional look, use limestone. Limestone is often used to enhance the traditional and village-ish kitchen look. Dark cabinets show elegance and class; so the best flooring materials to balance it are ash wood and dark wood.

Kitchen floor ideas with dark cabinets

There is no direct answer of which one is the best type of flooring. The answer lies within you. Like what has mentioned before, it all depends on the purposes and personal preference. Now that you have known the materials of the flooring and its benefits, what material of your flooring will be?

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