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Knowing Kitchen Flooring Tile Material Types and Its Characteristic

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Are you trying to find the best option for your kitchen flooring? Give some minutes to find more about it before heading to the store.

Never think that floor is a mere interior. There are lot activities you will do on it. Don’t forget about the maintenance too including sweeping and cleaning.

Pick the style you like which helps you with the chores later.

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The Materials

Kitchen flooring has more than five options of material you could choose. Each one comes with its strength and weakness.

  • Hardwood

This item is for nature lovers. Made from 100% original wood without any mixture, this product glows beautifully under your feet. It fits for plain colored or vintage style kitchen. The thumb down is it could not stand high humidity.

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  • Engineered Wood

It is the copycat of hardwood. Instead of going all natural, the manufacturer adds some layers of scattered woods and stone dust. This addition fights humidity better than hardwood. In addition, this type is easy to install.

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  • Ceramic Tiles

Made by adding clay and shale together, this product has been baked thoroughly and produced various glow in each product. It is easy to mix the color to your taste, especially if you love patterns.

Be careful when dropping cups or plates: they will instantly break into pieces. Due to baking process, the surface is quite sturdy.

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  • Bamboo

Almost similar to hardwood, this flooring type has natural feel thanks to the strain of bamboo. No wonder, the surface has similar texture to real bamboo. It has triple combos: durability, beauty and longevity.

  • Travertine

Taken from the area around the hot spring, travertine offers the charming colors of minerals mixture. This stone is probably one of the oldest floor material.

It is easy to cut to fit any desired shape. Because of its adorable colors, you can also find this stone type as garden path or patio decoration.

  • Laminate

Just like its name, laminate flooring has plastic cover on the surface. It is made from layers of plywood or compressed fiber.

The good thing is you can get the look of the other materials: wood, bamboo, stones. Many people choose it for its high durability, easy maintenance, and simple installation.

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  • Vinyl

If you want something soft to step on, then this is the most suitable one for you. It has foam under its surface. Even so, this is one of the most durable material in the store. It is could also resist the scratch and stain.

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  • Linoleum

This one is especially made for those who love green products. The raw materials are renewable, such as cork and linseed oil. The vibrant color comes from the mineral pigments. Pick the one with coating to protect from scratch and stain.

You can easily notice that there are a lot of flooring types just from the picture. Moreover, the tiles for each area are designed to support the activities in that specific area. Each of them also calls for different level of maintenance. Also, some types of flooring may create fatal blow to any furniture that slip from your hand. Comparing the good and bad, you have to make the final decision for your kitchen.

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