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Varnishing Wood Floors without Sanding Tips

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Varnishing is the important thing to make the wood floors in the house look fresh and new. The damages and scratches can be covered with the varnish.

However, many people like to use the simple way in varnishing. It means there are no dents or deep scratches in the surface of the wood. In other word, there is no sanding step.

So, can this be done? Here are the steps for you to varnish wood floors without sanding.

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1. Clean the Floor

The first thing you need to do is to clean the floor. You can use floor cleaner that has a pH neutral or maybe just warm water. Use damp rag or mop to wipe the wood floor.

Do not ever drench the floor directly because there is a possibility of causing damage to the wood by water.

re varnish wood floor

2. Find Out Whether the Floor Has Been Done with a Lacquer or an Oil Based Product

It may be difficult to distinguish between a lacquered floor and an oiled floor for the amateur. You should know when the floor was fitted in your house.

To make it easier, here are the differences between them. Lacquered floor has a lighter color and shinier than the oiled based. Then, its surface is easier to clean from any stains.

Meanwhile, the oiled based color tends to be darker with a prominent orange color. The surface is also easily to be stained and it often leaves marks afterwards.

If the floor is lacquer based finish, varnish it with Polyurethane lacquer. For the oil based finish, you should consider using a Hardwax oil.

wood floor varnish


3. Lightly Abrade the Surface of the Wood Floor

You can use either a buffing machine (120-grit mesh) or just sand paper it using your hand (120 bit) to rub the surface of the floor. It is important to make the floor flat and not wavy.

Rub the floor methodically from up to down to make sure that there is no spot left not abraded. Don’t give too much pressure down and don’t go too thoroughly.

4. Vacuum the Floor

After the surface of the floor has already abraded, clean the remnants of dust and dirt by vacuuming. This way is better than sweeping it using broom because the dust will just keep coming back.

Make sure that the floor is free of dust slowly and methodically. In the end, the surface will be completely flat after varnished.

5. Lacquer or Oil the Floor

Finally, varnish the floor. Read the instructions before you varnish the surface with lacquer or oil. For the best results, if you use the lacquer, use a medium pile roller to varnish the floor for correct coverage.

Meanwhile, if you use the oil one, take a short pile roller. Varnish it carefully and methodically so there is no spot that remains uncovered.

Wood floor varnish finish

It is simple, right! Moreover, it will not cost much money to make your wood floors look good again. Make sure the varnish is already dry before you use it or place the furniture on it. It is a great solution for you to varnish the wood floor without sanding.

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