How to Decorate Stairs And Landing

How to Decorate Stairs and Landing for Upgraded Look

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Stairs serve as the connector of floors. It usually consumes only small spaces at the corner, unless you have the huge stairway.

While having a cosmopolitan look for your living room and family room, it would be monotonous if you do not spice up the stairs. Upgrade the tread with these ideas.

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1. Crafty Look

This concept sets out the possibility to be creative. Your stairs would have more functions than it does now.

However, it does not lose the grip of appealing look. Install some hidden cabinets in the stairs. Be careful while choosing the handle. Small size handle is preferred than the protruding one.

If you don’t favor this idea, do simpler transformation by writing numbers or quotes. Do not forget to paint the stair with dark tone first. Take out the wooden handrail. Replace it with nautical rope or thin old stem.

Stairs with landing and round wall mirror

2. Dark Concept

Live up the spooky atmosphere on the way to the upper floor. Paint the stairs with black spectrum. Take one or two lighter tone to guide the guests’ steps.

Here is a clear blueprint for you: dark magenta for the wall, glossy black for the handrail, navy blue for the riser and dark brown for the nosing.

To make it look like a cartoon, you can add Halloween icons on one side of the stair. If you look it from the first floor, it will create the whole picture from the bottom to the top.

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3. Pottery Gallery

Some stairs go straight to the next floor and some others have a turn in the middle. This space is usually big enough to keep some artistic ornament. For a vintage look, take some white floral potteries and place them at the corner.

Putting the similar height vases will make them look like clutter. Put the taller pottery at the back and the shorter one in front.

To match the gallery concept, put another vase near the bottom stair. It could lend a hand to be umbrella storage.


4. Family Art Display

For families with children, this concept would be a great chance to show off the kids’ creativity. Pick some frames with similar color to the trade. You do not have to waste time if you could not find one.

Just pick any frame of similar size and paint them! The stringer would make a great place to hang some drawing with landscape setting. The wall then would be the area of potrait oriented doodle.

To make the picture stand out, pick plain tone for the wall.

5. Elegant Classic Touch

If you do not like mix matching things, then this concept is meant for you. Paint the riser and trade white. Then put a stripes runner on it.

The runner covers the center line of the stairs. It will add the accent and infuse a lively atmosphere. You could also make individual runner.

Still utilizing the colorful stripes, cover the trade with a special glue for fabric. This way, you could remove and clean it. By applying this trick, you could show the color of the risers.

The decoration for houses should be coherent and unified. That way, the guests will have a hint about the host’s hospitality as well as personality.

Plan your is upgrading stair look project as soon as possible. Bring one of the presented ideas into reality. Embrace the “small but beautiful” concept in your house.

Decorate Stairs and Landing with shelves for photo frames
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Additional tips on how to decorate stairs and landing:

1. Choose the style of stairs you want to use

2. Consider how much space is available for decorating and where it will be placed

3. Decide what type of paint or stain you want to use, as well as whether you’ll need any special tools or supplies

4. Take into account the weight limit on your stairs

5. Clean the surface of your stairs and landing

6. Apply a primer if necessary

7. Paint or stain your stairs and landing according to your chosen color scheme

8. Apply a sealant to protect the finish

9. Add any final touches, such as new hardware or trim work

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