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Tips How to Clean Flagstone Floor

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How to clean flagstone floor is needed to know by those who apply flagstone floor on their home. Indeed, flagstone floor is a very unique and it can last long.

In addition to it, it can be used for any room. A well maintained flagstone floor will enhance the beauty of rooms. However, it is quite hard to get cleaned up.

So, how to keep it clean? Here are several guides to follow:

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1. Preparing What You Will Need

Before clearing flagstone, some preparations are needed. Here are some things needed to prepare:

  1. Broom
  2. Bucket
  3. Water
  4. Dustpan
  5. Floor sealer
  6. Mop
  7. Removing Any Debris

Debris on flagstone floor is very dangerous as it can destroy flagstone floor layer due to the abrasive action. It happens especially when there is a lot of sand and grit on the surface that may scratch floor.

Removing debris can be done by sweeping floor. Make sure that it is done before mopping the floor.

If there is still some dirt, it will leave more stain on flagstone floor after mopping. Do not forget to use broom and dust pan to clean any loose particles. Make sure it is squeaky clean before we can continue to the next step.

2. Mopping the Floor

After debris is removed, it is a high time for mopping floor. How to mop correctly to get maximum result? Here is what needs to do:

  1. Fill bucket with water and some soap. Make sure that the soap has around 7 pH. A neutral cleaner is the best for cleaning flagstone floor. Mix it by stirring water. Make sure it is mixed well.
  2. Dip mop until it is damp.
  3. Place the mop on the floor. Move it right to left or up and down. Repeat it until it is clean enough. If it is not clean enough, re-apply water to mop and place mop to floor again.
  4. If it is still not clean, use sponge to remove stain and dirt. It is also possible to use organic stain removers to remove organic stains. Due to its porous characteristic, stains on flagstone may be hard to clean while removing it using non-organic cleaners can cause discoloration on floor.
  5. Wash floor with water once again. Make sure there is no soak left because it leaves some stains on floor. If it is needed, clean floor using sponge or unused but clean cloth to clean floor.
  6. Dry up flagstone floor until it is really dried up.
  7. After it is dried, seal floor with any floor sealers. It will last for 2 up to 3 years. It will prevent stains and it will keep the beauty of the floor.
  8. Mats can also be applied on high traffic areas. It will prevent from any scratches caused by sand and grit. In addition, it also helps to capture debris and dust.

bucket mop floor cleaner

There are some causes that potentially make flagstone floor looks dirty, but mostly,  it is caused by debris or even scratches. To prevent any scratch, do not ever push heavy things across floor and always wipe away all liquid spills as soon as possible.

In addition, always prepare a dish or anything that can capture water from any potted plants. It is best to avoid acid or citrus based cleaners and products with ammonia. It has abrasive action and it will make floor looks dull.

3. Additional Tips for Your Flagstone Floor

Not only cleaning your flagstone floor, you also need to care your floor in other ways. Here are probably a few things you need to do.

a). Remove Stains

Main tips: You should use organic stain removers to remove organic stains on your flagstone floor. For non organic stains you can use mild bleach.

Another important tips: You have to clean evenly. Be careful with residual stains, because it can leave your flagstone floor surface color changing.

b). Seal your Flagstone Floor

Liquid spills on your flagstone floor can cause stain easily. Sealing your floor for solution. This way keep your floor still clean and beauty. You can add acrylic floor after the sealer to keep floor still dry.

c). The Mats for More Protection

Some areas in your home floor are vulnerable to friction with the sand and grit carried into the house. Here you can add mats or rugs.

Besides that, this is also good for decorating your home, right! The small mats or rugs can be easily moved. Also still does not cover the entire floor surface. So, it still show the beauty of your artistic flagstone floor.

d). Avoid These Cleaning Products

Don’t let your flagstone floor dull. Don’t use cleaning products that contain ammonia, because the floor glow will disappear.

Also avoid grout cleaners, bathroom tub cleaners, and scouring powders for your flagstone floor. These products can cause abrasive effects that give damage to your flagstone floor.

Basically, cleaning flagstone floor is the same as cleaning other floors. Its pore might make it hard to clean so it needs special treatments. Hence, use how to clean flagstone floor guide above to give regular cleaning and maintenance to your flagstone floor.

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