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Know It Better: Kitchen Island Butcher Block

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Butcher block kitchen island is a practical solution for a multi function tops. It serves best as a regular display table, but could perform its greatest endurance during hard slicing job.

As people start leaving the “specialized” furniture type, this product is earning special place in costumers’ mind.

If you are new to kitchen stuff, the following information would be a great read to start.

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The Definition

It is basically a combination of wooden blocks, cut straight, then attached to a thick granite or slab. Then, it turns into sturdy and immovable working space in the kitchen.

You can use it to prepare meat and veggies, serve your dishes to guest, or simply as kitchen counter. Depending on your purposes, you might want to keep it unsealed, or seal it.

There are two things you should consider. First, unsealed butcher blocks are preferable for cutting board, while the sealed not. Second, none of these finished blocks are heat resistant. Always provide several layers on top of the butchers before placing hot pan.

Teak kitchen island butcher block top with sink and seating

The Types

Based on how costumer might use it, there are three models of kitchen island butcher blocks. They are end grain, face grain and edge grain.

The end grains have slightly protruding end, hanging a few centimeters on the drawers. It produces the least sound when placing a glass and has the softest colors to fit vintage concept.

It is made of several wooden blocks, adding the artistic view from the product. End grain butcher block is suitable for cutting board, as it could hide knife mark.

If you want to take the most durable one, let it be the edge grain. It is the strongest, most stable and the affordable one among the others.

The appearance is simple: several long blocks of woods glued together without any joint or nails on the surface. Face grain, on the other hand, is often labeled as the doppelganger of long grain one.

They do look similar in a quick glance. But if you look closely, the line is not as bold as the long grains. It is more like a streamline.

Even though it belongs to block butcher, it could not perform its job well. Any cutting will leave clear mark on its surface.

Black leg kitchen island butcher block top with cart in small design

The Maintenance

The most important thing is oiling. It is best to do the routine once every six months, to keep the wood shining and well protected.

Remember that you cannot just buy any kind of oil for this purpose. Different wood materials call for certain oil. Thus, you are suggested to keep your manual instruction well.

Never rub cooking oil on the surface, as it will make the wood crack and dull looking. The intensity of exploring the block as cutting board might shorten the maintenance period.

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Considering its function, butcher block is totally useful in for kitchen area. You could also choose three types of edges based on your need.

The various function and flexible choice come with a consequence: you are required to do regular maintenance to make sure that the aging process goes naturally. Anytime you are ready, the butcher block is waiting to be picked.

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