Kitchen Island with Trash Storage

Kitchen Island with Trash Storage: Things to Consider

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The idea of using a kitchen island which is equipped with trash storage has been a popular idea for years now.

Many people find it practical and it improves the overall kitchen look when it is well used.

So, if we want one in the kitchen, what things we should consider about it? Check out this update below.

The Importance of Trash Storage on Kitchen Island

Trash storage is a brilliant idea actually. It allows you to throw trash immediately while you continue cooking or preparing the meal. With the storage being near you, the access will be fast and practical.

In addition to it, it hides the trash perfectly, preventing spills and bad smells in the kitchen. If you look for a new idea to make a safe trash storage, kitchen island is your partner.

Work on the Space

There are several tips that you can use to find the right space for the trash storage, and how to use it the best way.

1. The Right Spot

The right spot for trash storage on a kitchen island depends on personal need. However, people choose to use the right or left lower cabinet on the kitchen island.

It offers several benefits including convenient gesture to throw the trash while cooking, and providing more spaces for more kitchen storage.

2. Storage Door

Because the idea of adding the trash storage is mainly for practicality, it is essential to have an excellent door for the storage.

First, you will need one that opens and closes nicely and easily. It prevents too many problems while throwing trash.

Second, you need a door that shuts perfectly so it won’t let the smells out.

3. Trash Container

Yes, you will still need a customized trash bin or container on the inside. This is where you put the trash bag.

You will need the bin to prevent any spilling or clusters of the trash. Trash spills can damage the kitchen island while it is totally filthy thing to have in a kitchen.

4. Storage Interior Details

The interior part of the kitchen island needs to be good as well. Prefer to solid interior with extra layer that is easy to clean whenever you get the trash spills.

It is also recommended that the base storage on the kitchen island doesn’t have gaps while it is easy to take out the trash bag as well.

Wooden Kitchen island with trash bins on wheels

Maximize the Space

The other things to do in applying the trash storage is balance the space next to the drawers. If you have the trash storage below the kitchen islands, do not leave the next part below the kitchen islands empty.

If you plan to create the drawer which fit into one trash bin, you will get the enough space left in the next drawer. Remember; make those places useful for you.

Creating the wooden counter is highly recommended. This farmhouse style will enlighten the kitchen islands and it can combine well with the trash storage.

Put the kitchen stuffs and the jars in there to make it more alive. You can put the kitchen supplies as well in the counter; it will be easier for you when you are cooking.

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Combine the trash storage in the kitchen islands will come out beautifully if you can find the best design for it. Maximize the performance by adding a good combination into the kitchen islands and the trash storage.

The clean kitchen displays perfectly in the best trash storage design along with others stuffs around it.

White small Kitchen island with trash can storage and wooden top


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