Round Kitchen Island with Storage

Best Ideas of Round Kitchen Island with Storage

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A round kitchen island is simply brilliant while it is effective as well. If you want great function, additional storage on it will be awesome.

The round shape may confuse you but the following ideas are perfect to adapt.

If you need suggestion, check out the following ideas.

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1. Mainstream Cabinet

Why not? A cabinet makes a perfect storage. It allows you to have several layers of shelves inside so you can store more dining wares you like on it. It gives you fast access to grab it every time you need it.

Of course, the shape should adjust the round kitchen island design. You can divide each half of the kitchen island up to three cabinets.

If it is tall enough, add a drawer on top of each cabinet. It doesn’t only improve the kitchen island look. It also add spaces in your room while it is being helpful as well.

Round Kitchen Island with Storage and cabinet

2. Wine or Spices Rack

Instead of using the entire side of the round kitchen island for cabinet, you should consider a small space for a wine rack or spices rack. A wine rack makes it easier for you to serve the right wine for dinner.

Meanwhile, spices rack is perfect for fully functional kitchen island. It improves your productivity. The height should be as tall as the kitchen island goes, and don’t forget to add several lawyers on the rack to put more stuffs in it.

You don’t necessarily need a door for this storage, especially when the other island wall is covered with cabinet doors.

3. Open-Shelves Display

This one is like a cabinet without door. Instead of dividing the round kitchen island into four to six tall parts for the shelves, you can have three levels of shelve at the whole half-round part.

Store your favorite dining ware in a random stack on each level of the shelves. It enables you to grab a bowl or a cup fast while the kitchen island looks so fun, alive, and artful.

You may need to consider storing the plastic ones if you have little kids or playful dogs inside the house.

Modern wooden Round Kitchen Island with Storage granite top

4. Half-Round Space

Let’s stop being boring and build the cabinet only on half part of the round kitchen island. The other half can be left with only a base and poles to support the kitchen island top.

The surface of the base can be made consistent to the kitchen island counter top, for example. Then, put a basket of fruit and veggies on it, a huge bin of crackers, or a stack of cooking and recipes books.

It just instantly becomes storage and a decorative display all at once. Now, you round kitchen island isn’t boring at all.

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So there are many designs of storage that should be appropriate for the round kitchen island. The unique shape shouldn’t stop you from being alive and creative.

Adjust the design to your needs, and make sure to ultimately use the entire storage for best function. Choose a perfect finish and position, and you just improve your kitchen value.

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