Kitchen Island with Seating for 3

How to Maximize Kitchen Island with Seating for 3

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The kitchen is one element in your house that should be considered very carefully. It will give many purposes while you are cooking or enjoying the food.

A kitchen island with 3 seats is one thing that can maximize the visual for your kitchen. Moreover, the room efficiency and functionality can be increased too.

Think about the best ideas of it by learning from the following tips.

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1. Adjust the Counter Space

Instead of insisting on the mainstream layout for the counter, consider modifying a little. If you add three seats on your kitchen island, you will use at least one side of it for seating areas.

You may think you have enough space on top, but do you have enough space for the knee? If your knee hit the kitchen island counter, it won’t be comfortable enough.

Choose a side or two for the seating area and adjust the counter layout. It may cost a little, but it is worth the investment considering the addition function of the island.

2. Use Stools Instead

It is a great idea and unique way to design your kitchen. Using a stool for seating is a perfect idea to complement the kitchen island. Stool is totally different than a chair. Stool is backless and armless.

It will be very easy to move and replace it. In addition to it, stool can fit around the island so it will not eat up too much space in the kitchen.

For the ultimate look, make sure to choose stools with consistent material, design, and finish with the island.

Nice Kitchen Island with Seating for 3 antique chairs or stools with wooden material

3. If You Prefer on Chairs

If you prefer to use chairs rather than stools, you will basically need extra space to fit the kitchen island and the chairs altogether. The benefit of using chairs is that it has back support which is often more comfortable for long periods of usage.

Like for stools, you will need consistent material, design, and finish with the kitchen island. Consider to using flip chairs for small kitchen as a crowded kitchen will hassle you.

4. Seating for 3 around the Kitchen Island

The use of 3 seats in one kitchen island is the perfect amount so that the kitchen does not look too crowded.

The position of the seats should be adjusted to the shape and size of the island. If your island is a long one, you may line it on one side.

The position is facing the other side that is used to prepare food. But, if your island is small, you may place a stool on each side, except one side that can be used to prepare the food.

Round Kitchen Island with Seating for 3

5. Make It MultiLevel

Make the kitchen island more dynamic by making a variation in its height. It is important to add more space that can be used for multiple purposes, such as preparing the food and eating there. You can place the sink or stovetop in one tier and create a bar or eating place on the higher level.

It makes perfect room classification without too many efforts. Make sure to adjust the stool or chair height to the eating surface height for comfortable dining.

Pay attention to your kitchen to maximize the functionality of it. It does not matter how big your kitchen is. It all depends on your creativity to create the best design of your kitchen. Using the island with seating for 3 can be adjusted and created for extra space to make your kitchen interesting and dynamic.

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