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Bathroom Light Fixtures Led Installation Tips

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What to do next after choosing bathroom light fixtures led? Since bathroom is another shelter for you, there should be a way to make the lighting beautiful.

It is also important to make things functional, well-placed and just enough.

You don’t want to expose your eyes first thing in the morning by having blinding lighting, right?

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1. Set The Task Lighting

You can say that this is the most important lighting in a bathroom. Install your sconces LED in mirror area, just on the eye level.

It would be the best position to light up your face and get maximum result from your make up routine. With this position, you could also prevent any accident while shaving or brushing tooth.

Some magazines might tell you to install the LED light above the mirror. Well, you should never copy this kind of myth.

The fact is installing LED above the mirror will give you extra and unnecessary glow on your forehead. As the result, you will look bad, even after applying your best make up.

2. Consider A Dimmer

It is normal to have guest and master bathroom in one house. When thinking about the wattage you should take, this is a useful tip for you: the total must be 100 watts at the maximum. Divide the total wattage to four or five LED bulbs with 20-25 watt each.

For warm atmosphere, you must pay attention to the Color Rendering Index (CRI). Pick an LED with at least 90; for colors, you can grab your favorite one.

Still, to help your eyes adjusting in the morning, you might need help from a nice dimmer. Install the button close to the entrance door, so you could control the light the moment you step into the bathroom.

3. Pair With Another Types of Lamp

Now you have time to think about some details that will represent your hobby in the bathroom. Do you like vases or painting?

Then don’t let your guest miss your taste of art. Install additional accent lighting above the art piece, shooting directly to it. Some house owners prefer to install a decorative lightning.

It is a wise choice to enjoy a visual sparkle above the tub. When you put the plan away then realize that you still need some fillers, shine the light from ambient lighting. It provides enough shade to complement the main lighting you have installed before.

4. Provide Different Switch

You need to remember that a bathroom with a lot of lighting means there is minimum natural light from windows. If this is the case, you must install blower or fan on the ceiling.

Consider to have separated switch for the fan, the task lighting and the dimmer. Putting the dimmer and task lighting close to each other is fine. One thing for sure: you don’t want the wind to blow above your head when you turn on the lamp.

If you have several lamps installed, it will be better to provide different switch for each. Otherwise, you will have more digits in your electricity bill in the end of the month.

Wide variety of lighting choices could either help or baffle you. In this case, opinions from the lighting experts or consultant would be very assuring.

Who knows that meticulous detail could make such a huge difference in your bathroom? Now that all your concerns have been answered, you can start planning your own bathroom light fixtures led installation.

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