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How to Get an Ideal Kitchen Island Bar Table

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Kitchen island that is completed with a bar table is a great idea to have.

It offers you additional space when you have more guests and you have additional function for the kitchen island alone.

So if you are planning to add a bar table on the kitchen island or if you plan to buy one, what things to consider? Try to answer the following questions.

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1. What are the Entire Functions of the Island You Want to Have?

Your kitchen island should be a solution and it should accommodate the kitchen working flow and living style. If you plan to make it a fully functional working kitchen island, your bar table should be the second priority, and it may not get much space.

If you plan to use is an additional working space or for casual cooking without appliances or sink on it, your bar table can occupy the most space. It determines the range of your bar table and how you make the position.

2. How Many Seats Do You Want to Have?

The answer is completely personal though. Some people will like to use the bar table for breakfast table as well, so they like at least three to four seats on it, depending on the mount of the family members.

If this bar table is a space for the kids to do their homework, one to two seats are probably enough.

The number of the seats should affect on the island dimension and range the most. The more seats you want to add, the more range you will need. If you like inviting guests, you definitely need more than two seats for your bar table.

Wood Kitchen Island Bar Table

3. How Do You Plan to Arrange the Seat Position?

The most common position for the seats when you place a bar table on your kitchen island is in front of it, on the opposite side of the cooking area. It allows you to cook while someone engages you into a conversation, nice.

The other alternative is on the half side. If you have a long kitchen island, you can have the cooking area on the left and the bar table on the right, or vice versa.

It allows you more space for each activity, yet it requires more space in the kitchen too. At last, you can dominate the U space for the bar table.

It means you separate the seats into three sections, the front row, the right row, and the left row, almost circling the cooking area.

4. What Functions Do You Plan to Have on the Bar Table?

As mentioned before, this bra table on your kitchen island should deliver certain functions. For casual breakfast and place for the kids to do their homework, 23 up to 28 inches tall bar stools with 35 to 37 inches tall bar table should be enough and safe for the kids.

If you plan to function it as a dining area, you may need to consider 29 to 32 inches tall of bar stool with 41 to 43 inches tall bar table. This is the standard height for the bar table and the stools while the previous one is the standard counter height kitchen island bar table.

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So, it is pretty easy to choose or design the ideal one. Adjust your decision with your personal need and functions and you will get your dreaming bar table on the kitchen island.

Nice kitchen island table with bar stools

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