Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar

Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar: What Factors to Consider

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Kitchen island with a breakfast bar is absolutely a favorite thing for so many people. It adds productivity while it saves some more space from the kitchen.

More than that, this design unites everyone in the house together. If you want to get one of these, there are key factors to consider. Check this out.

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1. Traditional or Modern Design?

If you want to create a kitchen island with an additional breakfast bar, the main thing to think about is the concept of the design.

In general, this concept is divided into two, namely the traditional and modern. If you want a traditional concept, make sure your kitchen has the same style and supports it with available space.

Don’t forget to consider the equipment and the color of the kitchen. When choosing a modern concept, please make sure it is also finished in contemporary colors and it has sharp simple details on it.

Traditional Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar granite counter top and wooden cabinet

2. High of Table Bar

The next thing to consider is the height of the bar. For the best results, the height of the bar may need to be similar to the kitchen island or a little higher.

The concept of bar is that it gives you enough and comfortable height to eat and drink on it, but it is higher than the dining table can provide you.

It will be nice to have a bar countertop that is a little bit higher than the kitchen island countertop. It gives you clear distinction on the area and it provides a safe place to eat.

3. Tables and Stools Design

Next is the bar and stool design. For the table and chairs, there are several kinds of designs you can consider. For example, stool with seat back, or rotating bar chair design.

Of course, everything has to be tailored to your needs. About the desk, don’t pick a design that is too different from the existing kitchen island because it would be an eyesore. If your kitchen is quite spacious, choose a modern design that can also be used to entertain guests.

4. Material of The Stools

About the material, you can use steel with an elegant backrest. You can also use natural wood with traditional design. There is also a strong but lightweight plastic material.

In the contemporary kitchen, combining wood and iron are also very common and very good looking. On the side of the seat bar, you can use wood that can be painted to be more attractive.

Stainless steel top kitchen island breakfast bar

5. Color Selection

The final touch you have to do is working on the color. The Breakfast bar color should match the kitchen island theme.

For example, you can pick green and blue colors which are equally cheerful and fresh in consistent kitchen theme. If you want to maintain the impression of a classic, then choose white finish for it.

6. Consider Budget

You can have elaborated design and styles and you can plan many things for the kitchen island and its breakfast bar, yet you have to work on the budget.

Find out the estimation for this project or how much is the price for this item. Then set yourself a reasonable budget so you don’t expense too much for this.

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So you basically need to setup a budget for this and decide on a design or style for it. You may also need to consider matching the kitchen island with the kitchen theme. Make sure the breakfast bar isn’t only great, but also safe and comfortable. Choose wisely.

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