Kitchen Cabinets Long Island

Kitchen Cabinets Long Island for Wonderful Display

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What makes the kitchen looks good? Of course, the cabinets play important point in the kitchen.

Pay attention to the cabinets if you like the long island style.

If you need a little guide and tips for the cabinet, check out the update below.

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Material, Finish, and Accessory

The most perfect material for the long island kitchen is wood. There are many varieties of woods that you can choose, for example the maple woods, cherry woods, and the oak woods. Apply one of the wood materials on your cabinet and it will taste classy.

The second option to choose is cabinets made of the thermo foil or the painted ones. Those cabinets still match with the long island design.

For you who like the painted cabinets, there are many color variations to show the Long Island style. You can choose from the classy monochrome colors, the natural brown wood colors, up to the colorful cabinet.

Purple and blue kitchen cabinet will make a fresher looking kitchen. It is suitable for a family with little kids or for young people. Enjoy the coastal atmosphere and fun look of your cabinets.

In addition to the color, adding the moldings will be nice too to get the Long Island look. You can use a unique accent like the rope or dentil to the cabinet. You can arrange the cabinets shelves as good as possible to ultimate its function.

Another way to make the cabinet displays better is by adding the lighting. The lighting is not only enlightening your way when you want to take something from the cabinets, but also making a wonderful display out of the Long Island cabinet.

The well fluorescent tube lighting is highly recommended in addition to allowing the big window that spreads the light in a bright day.

Kitchen cabinets on long island with white chairs and granite top

Kitchen Cabinet Design to Consider

The kitchen cabinet can make a dramatic display for the kitchen. Beside perfect shelves designs, you will also want to consider the placement and the right design to choose.

As mentioned before, wood is the best material for an ultimate looking and fully functional Long Island kitchen cabinet. However, the wooden cabinets are available on various designs that you can choose. The popular kitchen cabinets in Long Islands include:

1. The Stock Cabinet

This cabinet is the most affordable one. It is usually used in the local home and the cabinets are easy to find in the rental property too. It has mainstream shelves. It accommodates nicely yet it has rather plain look. You need to work more on the finish for more appealing look.

2. Semi-Custom Cabinet

This cabinet comes with adjustable height and width. It is easy to move as well so it will be the best option for you who like to change the design from time to time. The best part of this cabinet is you can customize the shelves as you need it while you can have a unique look.

3. Custom Cabinet

The permanent and the most expensive cabinet among the Long Island options is the custom cabinet. It requires careful design and outlining yet it is the most satisfying option to have. It commonly is more expensive but it fits well on sizes and style.

In sum, there are many things you can add and consider when it comes to add the Long Island cabinets on your kitchen. Consider your budget and try to use the guide above to get the best option there is.

Custom kitchen cabinets long island

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