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Choose Your Kitchen Cabinet Toe Kick Ideas

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As a part of cabinet, you just cannot ignore the toe kick of your cabinet.

Even it is placed down there and not really noticeable as the cabinet surface, the toe kick of your cabinet takes some important part in keeping your stuffs.

When your cabinet is already full, you can move all things to the toe kick.

Here are some toe kick designs that you can choose.

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1. Colorful Toe Kick

To start the list, you can try to apply a colorful toe kick. Paint your cabinet toe kick with bright and shining color to cheer your kitchen. Yellow or blue can be the right color if you want to apply colorful toe kick.

One thing you should note if you want to try this style is this style might only match with kitchen on dominant plain colors. It means that you cannot freely apply this style to all kitchens. It is better not to use this style if you already have specific theme about your kitchen.

2. Black Toe Kick

Going more specific about color, you can simply apply total black toe kick. Bring the dark island nuance with the strong black stripe at the bottom of your cabinet.

Add more height to bring stronger nuance. More than bringing dark island nuance, the black stripe will also create nice proportion of a very tall room.

3. Black and White Toe Kick

Still discussing about color, this time you can bring the combination of black and white in your kitchen. It will be great when you wrap it up from the floor.

So, it will be black and white checkered tile. Paint your color as well as your toe kick to create a chess atmosphere inside your kitchen.

White kitchen cabinet toe kick ideas design

4. Wood Toe Kick

This kind of toe kick is probably can match with any kind of kitchen design, but it will be better if it is applied in a rustic theme kitchen. The wood itself will bring a warm touch to your kitchen.

To add more prominence, you can increase the height of the wood toe kick, but you might lose some inches of your lower cabinet.

5. Mirrored Toe Kick

If you want to add some luxury touch, you can try to apply mirrored toe kick. This kind of toe kick will match well with any kind of kitchen design. A luxury look is guaranteed.

6. Coffee Toe Kick

For the last one, you can try to combine white and brown color, as it will look like a coffee shop. This style is more suitable to be applied when you use wood as your main material of the cabinet. This doesn’t only look warm, it looks stylish and young at the same time too.

Brown kitchen cabinets toe kick

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Some people usually do not give enough attention to their cabinet toe kick as they can put all things inside the cabinet. Once the cabinet is full, toe kick can be very useful in keeping some small kitchen staffs. Therefore, it is not too late to design your toe kick as good as possible.

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