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Pick Your Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Doors Design

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As a part of a kitchen cabinet, a door takes an important role in maintaining either the look or the function of your cabinet.

There are so many factors you need to consider in deciding the cabinet door type. One of the factors is its design.

Look at these recommendations before you decide your type.

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1. Shaker

As the most common door style that is used in the kitchen nowadays, shaker style has five-piece flat-panel. This style has a frame that is made of a single and four pieces flat center panels for the fifth piece.

With a simple style which is applicable from contemporary to traditional design, shaker style offers you any variations in stains, species, wood, hardware and paint colors.

This classic style also offers you variation budgets, depending on the wood used. With a more effective cost material, you will also able to replace the center door panel. Save your purchase by using a natural finished material rather than the painted one.

2. Louvered

Louvered applies horizontal slats, which is usually used for windows, interior doors and furniture pieces, but still offer architectural style for kitchen design.

That is why you need to be aware with the price tag of this style. This type of style usually has many spaces between each slat that makes them look good for cabinet with ventilation.

3. Flat

Although it looks simple, flat style looks stylish with flat-panel cabinet door with a less expensive price. The minimalist form and hard lines make this style great for modern and contemporary interiors.

There are many flat doors that come in decorative wood or laminate. Laminate offers you a more variety of sheens and colors with friendlier budget.

4. Inset

This style has a classic look that will last for generations, even though its price tends to be the most expensive one in the market.

It is named inset door because it is applied inside the cabinet frame. The door is constructed and designed with highly appropriate measurements.

So the door will nest inside the frame then open and close properly, even the wood contacts and expands. Inset style usually requires exposed hinges which are included in the cabinet box cost.

5. Distressed

If you plan to have an antique-style kitchen, then this distressed-looking cabinet will match for you. You can choose any door style and decide whether you are going to have rubbed off corners or have other techniques distressed for an old feeling.

With that kind of choices, it is acceptable if this style will cost you a little bit expensive price tag. Sometimes, there are some charges for a trades person to do that kind of job.

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Proper design and well-chosen style of door will complete the look of your kitchen cabinet. With each price and factors, you can freely choose which style and design you are going to apply in your kitchen cabinet. Make sure you choose the style which is match with your kitchen interior.

Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Doors Design

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