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Which Kitchen Cabinet Glaze Colors You Will Choose?

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There are so many ways to treat our kitchen. Some people like to have a very unique kitchen with detail design, while other people like to have a simple kitchen with simple design too.

How about adding glaze colors to a kitchen cabinet? Basically, glaze colors will have no problem for any kind of kitchen design.

So, here some glaze colors you can consider for your kitchen cabinet.

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1. Flow Pen Glaze

Applying glaze to some detailed areas only, this method is included as a flow pen instrument. Since you do not have to apply glaze to sheet stock or re-facing the stock and moldings which does not have an area to rest the glaze, this method will provide you minimum costs for the finishing.

If you apply your kitchen cabinet with rustic style, flow pen glaze cannot help you with a distressing or any natural type of defects on your rustic style. This method can only help you if the defects occur in crevices or lip area.

2. Solvent Wiped Glaze

For this method, you are going to need spray or rag gun and a brush to apply the glaze to the entire profiled and face areas of your cabinet. Wipe away the glaze using dry cotton cloth to let the glaze building foundation at an intense level.

After that, wipe your kitchen cabinet again using a rag soaked and mineral spirits. If you have done this step, the original color of the glaze will obviously vary between the front and the back of your cabinet.

Therefore, it will be necessary to add glaze colors to all accent components, sheet stock, moldings, and also re-facing stock.

Paint kitchen cabinet glaze colors

3. Dry Wiped Glaze

This method actually requires almost the same step and needs like the previous one. You need to use a brush and a spray or rag gun to add the glaze color to the entire surface and profiled areas of the cabinet. The glaze is going to be wiped with a dry cotton cloth, and then it will leave a build up intense level on the surface.

The appearance of the original color at the front and the back side of the cabinet will be altered as you finish doing the step. It will also allow you to reface stock, glazing all sheet and accent components.

4. Dusted Gaze

You have two options in applying this method. The first one is to use a spray gun in applying glaze to the entire surface of your cabinet and to focus on the profiled areas. Wait for a short time before you wipe it using a dry cotton cloth. The second method is actually almost same. The difference is you can wipe the glaze with a solvent soaked rag.

Those examples are only some of a lot of choices of glaze colors that you can apply. Basically, all glaze colors will match with any type of kitchen cabinet. The point is to do the steps correctly to prevent any revision.

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