Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

How to Finish Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

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As parts of kitchen, cabinets are really useful to keep any equipment inside it. We need to take care of our cabinets as much as we take care of any other parts of our kitchen.

Some people find difficulty in dealing with unfinished kitchen cabinets. They need the finishing touch to make it perfect.

So, here are some steps you may try to finish your unfinished kitchen cabinets.

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1. Sanding and Staining

The first step you have to do is setting up an area where you will sand and stain which is fairly consistent with weather wise. Lay plastic on your kitchen and make it simple, so you do not need to move a lot during the process.

2. Removing Necessary Parts

In order to make you stain and treat all faces of the cabinets, it is a must that you remove all drawers and cabinet doors first.

It will allow you to stain and treat the back of your cabinet doors as well. Remove the parts that really need to be removed, so you can work effectively.

Unfinished kitchen cabinets oak

3. Giving Light Sanding

Before you start applying the conditioner, make sure that you give light sanding to all surfaces of your drawers and cabinet doors. It will make the conditioner work maximally.

4. Applying the Conditioner

Use foam brush to apply light conditioner. It will draw out the grain of the wood and ensure more coat of stain to the whole surfaces of your cabinets. So you will not find it blotchy.

5. Let the Conditioner Works

After applying the conditioner, leave it for 15 about minutes to let it works until dry. One thing you should note is that the previous smooth wood is now fairly rough. Sand all surfaces to make it smooth then wipe it using cloth to remove any dust.

Unfinished kitchen cabinets with glass doors

6. Applying the Coat

Apply the same amount of coat to remove any stain across all surfaces. Make sure that you do not leave any drips on it since it will cause some minor problems for you. Wait for view minutes before you move to the next step.

7. Wait for the Stain

In this step you need to wait until the stain are removed. You have to be able to see the grain well and now the wood may not look stained anymore to you. If you think that the surfaces are not stained anymore, you can stop right there. If you want darker look, wait for any longer.

8. Clean All the Surfaces

Finally for the last step, add at least 2 coats of urethane to protect and seal the cabinet. Make sure you add the coat balanced to make your cabinets look great.

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Those are the steps that you may apply in your house to finish your unfinished kitchen cabinets. As the finishing process, you have to be really sure about any factors related with your cabinets since it is really the last work you do on your cabinets. A proper finishing will save your time and energy.

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