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The unfinished bathroom vanity base cabinet is a good choice if you are going to upgrade your bathroom space or design your own bathroom vanity.

Choosing the unfinished bathroom vanity base cabinet will let you have your own personal touch to the bathroom vanity either in terms of finishes and colors.

However, you can leave it unfinished too if you choose to have the traditional or rustic look. Read along for a little guide.

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How to Choose?

Before choosing the unfinished bathroom vanity, you have to decide your preference style of the bathroom vanity from the wide choice of styles.

There is a wide range of option from modern cabinets with no-frills hardware to romantic and Victorian vanity. Actually, because it is unfinished bathroom vanity, all styles are actually possible.

After choosing the style, you might think about the finishes and colors. There are many finishes that you can choose to complete the unfinished bathroom vanity, from the glossy to matte finish.

Meanwhile, color will give vibrant to the bathroom vanity. You may choose bold color such as yellow, blue, and green to liven up the bathroom atmosphere.

Bathroom vanity cabinets unfinished

How to Paint the Unfinished Bathroom Vanity Base Cabinets?

Before painting, make sure that every piece of shelves, fixtures, shelf brackets, and hinges are removed. Here are the steps.

1. Clearing and masking the cabinets.

First of all, put the drop cloth around the painting area to prevent paint spills on the floor. Then, apply the painters tape to any surface which is not going to be painted.

After that, place a piece of masking tape on each cabinet drawer and door, and give number on it so that you can put it back to the correct place.

2. Remove the fixtures.

To remove the hinges and doors from cabinets, you may use reversible drill or screwdriver.

However, for some models, the front drawers may be hard to remove so you should let it attached. After that, remove the knobs, hinges, and pulls from the drawer and door.

3. Cleaning, filling, and sanding.

Clean the surface of painting by using trisodium phosphate (TSP) mixed with warm water. Then, use putty and putty knife to fix any damage of the cabinet bases.

Next, sand the outside part of the cabinet, and the front drawer and doors. It is suggested that you use medium or fine grit sandpaper to help the painting later on.

4. Paint the first coat.

Paint each drawer and door with primer using roller, sprayer, or brush. Make sure that you do not forget to paint each edge of the door.

Then, let the primer dry before continuing. After that, paint both sides of the door.

5. Paint the second coat.

Apply the same painting technique to the all surfaces of the second coat then let it dry. After finishing the painting, reattach the hardware either the new or old hardware.

After that, attach the cabinet door to the cabinet bases. Reattach the drawer if it is needed and slide it back in.

To sum up, you may choose the unfinished bathroom vanity base cabinets to explore your personal preference and to add personal touch on it. Many people find this interesting and satisfying. You should try too.

Bathroom vanity cabinet unfinished decoration ideas

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