Bathroom Vanity Cabinets without Tops

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets without Tops Buying Guide

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Customized cabinet for your bathroom vanity is a great idea for personal touch. No one will have the duplicate of your vanity anywhere.

However, considering that you will need to add the countertop, several details need special attention from you.

If you want new vanity cabinets without tops to buy, follow the following guide for perfect choice.

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1. Carefully Calculate Your Space and Cabinet Size

Your cabinet size shouldn’t obstruct the traffic especially when the shelves doors and drawers are opened. Measure the available space in your bathroom and test if your favorite cabinet fits for the space.

The exact size depends on personal preference but it has standard measurement. Typically, vanity cabinet width is between 12 to 84 inches while the height is 31 to 35 ½ inches and it is 17 to 24 inches depth.

Next, you need to measure for the countertop. Ideally, the countertop should be an inch deeper and wider than the vanity cabinet.

2. Match Countertop and Cabinet Material First

The vanity cabinet can be made of several options of material. It can be wood, steel, or other materials. You can select whichever you fancy the most but don’t forget that it needs to support our countertop.

So, what do you like the countertop made of? Commonly, people like wood or marble countertop, and both materials aren’t light. Hardwood cabinet is perfect for marble and wood countertop.

Consult to professional on how to match both material and create strong fit. You need both to be strong to carry the duty.

3. Consider Your Design

This is a delicate detail. First, you need to make sure that your vanity cabinet fits for the countertop you want to add.

Second, make sure that the design should fit your situation and setting. Don’t forget to consider the plumbing options and the entire accessories you have around the space like mirrors, outlet, and other possible details.

These entire details should collaborate in supporting setting to create perfect function. Examine on what you need and how to alter it on your vanity cabinet and countertop design.


4. Consider Your Style

The last thing you shouldn’t forget is the style. Choosing a specific style for your vanity cabinet takes at least two major factors.

First, consider your bathroom interior style. This cabinet should match well in it as a part of the entire decoration and function in the room.

Second, what style your countertop indicates? This shouldn’t be hard because most countertop materials go well in any style. The cabinet should be consistent to those two factors at least to make a perfect style. Please consider about the finish too as the shade affects the final look and style.

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Technically, it is similar to buying vanity cabinet with tops. The difference is we need to get prepared for the countertop later. It can be tricky at the first time but it offers satisfaction when it comes to personal preference. Work on those details above and get the best option for your style.

Bathroom vanity cabinets without countertop

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