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Applying Kitchen Island Hanging Lights

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As we all know, we use kitchen not only at daylight, but also evening. When days turn into evening, you are going to need some lights to support any activities in your kitchen.

A proper lighting will make your kitchen look more elegant and becomes more inviting.

One of lighting ideas you need to try is hanging lights and here are some tips about it.

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1. Chandeliers

People will normally hang the chandeliers on top rather than putting it on the kitchen table. That is why you can’t hang it too close to your kitchen tables.

Provide enough space so that you will need to stand on the tip of your toe to touch it at least. In addition to it, please add any shield to your chandelier to prevent it melting down to your kitchen table.

Chandeliers over kitchen islands hanging lights

2. Vintage Lamp

If you like anything about vintage, hanging vintage lamp in your kitchen is worth a try. Bring back your old memories by choosing a vintage style for your lamps.

It will smoothly match with your kitchen island as long as you design your lamp as antique as possible. You can pick any Italian lamp design for various choices of vintage lamp. It will look complete when you let your shelving opened.

Vintage lighting for kitchen island

3. Track Hanging Light

You can apply this style of lighting in almost all styles of kitchen set because track lighting is actually a flexible type of lighting. To make it look more inviting, you need some improvement in adapting track lighting.

Proper placing will take a part in building friendlier situation. Pick some spots that you think need more light than other spots. Then set the track light to shine on those spots.

You also need to consider about what the track lighting is made of. Choose the material of the track lighting based on the concept that you already have in your kitchen island.

Track lighting over kitchen island

4. Pendant Light

Another hanging light that is commonly used is pendant light. This kind of lighting is also well known to add modern and decorative feel to your kitchen.

Again, like the previous hanging lights, you need to be careful about the height of the hanging. Wrong height can bring you terrible look, not to mention the possible accidents to happen.

Pendant lights should be hanged at 70 inches up from the floor, which is at normal adult eye level. If your tier is 42 inches high, place the lights 28 inches above the tier to get the best look.

Kitchen island pendant lights

5. Apply Proper Colors

The last but not least is the color of the light itself. No matter how good you hang your lamp, it will still look awful if you use the wrong color. Use the size of your kitchen as a consideration in picking the color.

Try to apply brighter colors, especially when you have a small-sized kitchen. You will need colors that can reflect light, so dark colors and shades must be avoided.

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Applying hanging lights is actually not really that complicated. Well decorated kitchen and proper design will really helpful for your hanging light concept. Applying the hanging lights concept that already matches with your kitchen island will minimize your job.

Long Kitchen island pendant lights modern design ideas

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