Kitchen Island with Seating for 2

Guide to Choose Kitchen Island with Seating for 2

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For some families with small members, a simple kitchen island is often adequate. The cooking task is often very simple and it doesn’t require much space for preparation.

In addition to it, adding two seats is many times more than enough for the entire people. Even though the number of seats is small, random selection and arrangement can cause a mess.

Learn from the guide below to choose right. Check it out.

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1. Choosing A Minimalist Theme

Because the number of seats at the kitchen island there are only two pieces, then a minimalist theme will be perfect.

The concept of minimalism can be obtained by the incorporation of the kitchen island and kitchen set in the same room.

Try to provide a neutral color in order to create a wide impression. This theme also delivers simple design which makes sure each person gets enough space while sitting near to the kitchen island.

2. Pick a Multifunctional Kitchen Island

Multifunctional table is a table for eating and cooking activities at a different time. Do not put too much stuff on the table. Even though you only need to accommodate two people on the seats, each of them will need the space for dining.

So you need to make sure that you arrange all spices and stuffs nicely. You need space for cooking, and you need to provide enough space for dining. On a medium to large kitchen island, this is a piece of cake.

3. The Right Side

Choose the right side to put the chairs. There is no wrong side for adding seats on the kitchen island actually.

However, choosing the wrong part of the island can affect seating comfort. How come?

First, we need space for activities. Both dining and meal preparation while seating on the chair require enough space.

Second, our feet need some space so we can sit nicely. If our knees hit the island wall or shelves, it isn’t pleasant at all.

4. The Right Material

Choosing the right material will affect the appearance of your kitchen island. If you want a modern look, you could select plastic material with the latest models.

But if you want to create an impression of nature, you could use wood material with the typical pattern.

This pattern will add a natural feel. In addition, the use of wood is usually more robust and durable. And if you don’t have children, you could also wear a beautiful glass.

Then, make sure that both the seats have the same material for consistent look and ultimate interior value.

5. Portable Seats

Considering that you may want to use the chairs while cooking only, not dining, you may want to consider the chairs carefully.

Chairs with light material and portable design are always very nice. Many chairs are made of this kind of material without compromising the quality.

It allows you to remove the chairs when you need the space and put them back in when you need to sit down for a while. This should be a perfect choice as well if your kitchen is pretty small.

Adding two seats on the kitchen island is actually a brilliant idea, but you need to choose the design carefully. Make sure the cooking task is free of problems and it should be pleasant when you sit on the chairs too.

Portable kitchen island with seating for 2

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