Kitchen Island with Seating for 6

Guide to Choose Kitchen Island with Seating for 6

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If you want to buy a kitchen island for many seating capacity, there are things that you should not forget.

The addition of the six seats can be useful for both cooking process and dining.

However, we need to make the right selection if we don’t want to eat up too much space as well. Six seats are big enough to accommodate.

Adopt the following tips to make the right selection.


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1. Kitchen Island According to the Size of the Kitchen

When you choose to buy a kitchen island with a chair as much as 6 pieces, then the first thing of your concern is the size of the kitchen. Ensure the correct size of your kitchen.

You will need to provide enough space for traffic and other possible things. The shape of the kitchen is also noteworthy. The kitchen is usually set to be L-shaped. This should be the ideal kitchen layout.

To prevent harmful accidents, put the kitchen island away from the kitchen set. It provides space for cooking, traffic, and dining, all in comfortable and safe space.

2. Adjust Color with the Kitchen Set

Great colors for kitchen islands are bright colors. It shows the impression of more spacious and comfortable room.

Avoid dark colors because it will add the impression of gloomy and claustrophobic atmosphere. If your kitchen island is large and you want to add six seats, bright colors are the best option.

While it looks cheerful and cleaner, it is totally inviting for all to transform it to a dining table whenever you need to.

Contemporary Kitchen Island with Seating for 6

3. Table Height

The ideal height of the kitchen island should be at the same height of the kitchen counter. The main purpose of this height is to accommodate comfortable cooking activities.

However, it can be challenging if you add chairs on it. The height can be too high for someone who is sitting down on the dining chair. Lower it down a little shouldn’t hurt and dining can be comfortable too.

4. Layers of Table

This should answer the height problem above as well. Instead of adjusting the entire kitchen island so people can dine nicely on it as well, you can try to add layers on it. Lower layers should be perfect for dining.

Considering that you want to accommodate six seats on it, make sure you decide the sides that get this lower layer. Six seats shouldn’t be a problem for a rectangular island. Task layer can be higher as usual.

However, glass top should be considered for more spacious feeling and fast cleaning.

Accommodating six seats isn’t easy task. You need to provide enough space for cooking task, for the dining space if you will use it for dining as well with the seats, and enough traffic area around the kitchen.

Use the tips above for better layout and selection on the island chairs. Making a detail multi purposes is a great idea, but it takes careful consideration and selection. Good luck.

Large Kitchen Island with Seating for 6

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