Kitchen Island Cart with Stools

Kitchen Island Cart with Stools

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A kitchen island cart with stools will be a perfect solution for more functional and valuable kitchen space.

In addition to storing your cooking utensils and food, it should serve as portable dining table as well. For a small kitchen, this is heaven for increasing the space of the kitchen.

Interested? Here are several important points you need to note.

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1. Easy to Move

Unlike other detail in the kitchen, this cart is movable. It means you can continue cooking in any corner of the room as you like it.

When you are done, you can move it just anywhere you see fit to serve a meal and sit down on it with others. Not only it gives you portable solution, it gives you more function without the need of adding a new furniture.

2. Double Level of Countertops

Make the kitchen island more dynamic by making a variation in its height. It is important to add more space that can be used for multiple purposes, such as preparing the food and eating there.

You can place the sink or stovetop in one tier and create a bar or eating place on the higher level.

Another idea, you can use a bar with the folded countertops that can be lifted when using it. It will help you to enlarge the space of the countertops so that makes you feels comfortable when using it.

Place the stools as facing the dining countertop for serving and use the stools facing the cooking area when you need to.

3. The Cabinets and Racks

As you add stools on this kitchen island cart, make sure that you have not only enough space for any activity while sitting on the stools, but also enough knee space down there.

The cabinets and racks can be adjusted to give some room. In the alternative, place the stools on the side where the knees can bend comfortably.

Stainless steel top black wooden kitchen island cart stools

4. Using Stools

This idea is important for you who have a small kitchen in the house. It is better than using the chairs because it can increase the space of the kitchen and it can be moved easier.

Moreover, the simple appearance of it makes it easier for you to find the right position.

The position of the stools is strongly affected by the shape of the island cart. The stools can be positioned parallel to one side if the island cart has a long and large countertop. It will face the other side that is used to prepare food.

Whereas, for the small island cart, you may place one stools for each side to make the atmosphere while eating more intense.

5. The Materials

It is important to be considered before you choose the best island cart and the stools for your kitchen. The materials that are used must be durable to high humidity in the kitchen and heat that comes from the stove.

The best option to choose is the stainless-steel material. This material is well-known for good durability while it is perfect for heavy duty as well.

It has a lighter weight comparing to other materials. In alternative, you can use the wooden material that has been painted and polished before. This material is very popular because of its neutrality while it is suitable for various kitchen designs.

The combination of a kitchen island cart with several stools for seating option is brilliant, especially for small room. It increases the kitchen space while it remains fully functional. Use the points above to decide on the best design you will buy.

Natural wooden Kitchen Island Cart with Stools

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