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Kitchenaid Mixer Parts, Cover, Use and Care Guide

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Kitchenaid is a famous brand that manufactures mixer and cutlery hardware.

What is great from Kitchenaid is that the stand mixers have removable hub that can be replaced with other parts with different uses. The parts are sold separately.

Therefore, these are the parts and other information of cover, use and care guide from Kitchenaid:

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The Best Mixer Attachment Parts

There are many attachment parts for Kitchenaid stand mixers. The parts can be installed by replacing the hub with the attachment part. Among all of the attachment parts, these are the best reviewed parts.

The first attachment part is Blade Spiralizer with 5 blades which use is to core, peel, and slice fruits and vegetables.

The second part is a pack of food grinder, sausage maker, and juicer. Simply attach it into the mixer hub and it is ready to be used. The food grinder and sausage maker is provided with food tray on top; makes it easier to process your food.

The third one is juicer and sauce maker. It is provided with a wide tube; even half-sliced apples can get in easily. It comes with 3 pulp screens; sauce maker, jam maker, low and high pulp juice maker.

Fourth, there is a grinder called All Metal Grain Mill. This grinder is used to grind low-moisture grains like corn, buckwheat, oats, wheat, rye, and rice. The result texture can also be adjustable; whether you want it cracked or fine-grinded.

Lastly, there is Pasta Rollers and Cutter Set. This attachment part is consisted of a spaghetti cutter, a pasta roller, a fettuccine cutter, and a cleaning brush for cleaning the pasta remains on the parts.

Kitchenaid mixer parts diagram

The Best Mixer Cover

The best mixer cover is the ones that have great reviews from the buyers. There are some Kitchenaid mixer covers that are considered as bad products due to its size.

Among all of the covers, there are some that are considered as great covers because they have quality.

The first one is called Cloth Cover. This cover is made especially for any type of tilt-head stand mixers and it has four choices of color; red, black, grey, and white. It also has pocket on the side to store cards, small book, or even mixer parts.

The other best cover is called Fitted Stand Mixer Cover. This cover is made of 100% cotton and any tilt-headed stand mixers can fit into this cover perfectly.

Kitchenaid mixer covers pattern

Kitchenaid Mixer Use and Care Guide

Before using the mixer, make sure you read the manual first that there are things you need to pay attention to. The most important thing is the electrical requirement.

The plug of the mixer has 3 prongs and it has to be plugged into a grounded 3-prong outlet. Removing the ground prong is prohibited. Also, using an adapter and extension cord is also prohibited.

Violating these guides may lead to electrical shock, fire, and even death. Also, if the plug is damaged, do not plug it into the outlet. Instead, you should call the customer service for help and more information.

Kitchenaid manufactures many kinds of mixer and other kitchen appliances. It also provides the mixers with attachment parts for other uses and covers for easy-storage purpose. Not only that, Kitchenaid also cares for the customers by giving detailed use and care guide. Kitchenaid is surely one of the best kitchen appliance manufacturers.

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