Kitchen Island with Wine Storage

Kitchen Island with Wine Storage

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Creating a wonderful kitchen is a must to make your house more interesting. It will be perfect if your kitchen has the island. It has many functions from the countertops up to its racks.

In addition to storing the foodstuff, the island can also be used to store wine on its racks.

Here are the ideas about it that you can choose for your kitchen.

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1. The Material of the Kitchen Island

There are many kinds of material that can be used for a kitchen island. Generally, an island uses two main kinds of material for the countertop and the island itself.

The best material for the countertops is the stone base, such as quartz, ceramic, marble, etc. It will be more durable and easily to be cleaned than using wooden material.

For the island, you can use either wooden or metal material. Each of them has different characteristics depend of the use for.

Usually, it uses wooden material for the wine storage on its racks. It is because the wooden material is great in keeping the stabile temperature and keeping the quality of the wine.

Metal rack is also welcome if you prefer for something more practical and easier to maintain.

Small Kitchen Island with Wine Storage wooden top

2. The Design of Kitchen Island

To get the wine storage on the kitchen island, make sure to spare a space for it. Anywhere is actually fine.

However, many people like to place it on one end of the kitchen island if it happens to be in mainstream shape. It allows easier and faster access to the wine.

For the wine storage, you can get a door for it, but an open storage is far preferable. To keep the bottles safely, the storage should be deep enough, leaving only the tips of the bottles to be seen.

The racks can be shaped in mainstream rectangular, in many circles adjusting the bottle sizes, or in metal racks that represent modern taste.

How tall? Well, it depends on the fact if you like to keep many bottles or you are an occasional wine drinker. Don’t build it to tall if you don’t plan to store many. It will felt empty.

On the contrary, don’t build it to short if you collect many. You don’t want to keep those bottles in a high piles.

Kitchen island design gallery:

3. Top Features

This kind of island has top features and special characteristics that make it different than other kitchen island. First, it is the storage itself.

Usually, the island has wine storage in horizontal position in which the wine bottle is lying down. This is important to make the wine taste and smell mingled with the bottle lid that is made by oak.

Besides that, it will make the bottle lid safe from crack and porous that may be contaminated.

Portable Kitchen Island with Wine Storage black wooden and granite top

The next feature in this island is the cooling rack. Sometimes, there is a cooling rack in its cabinet or placed below the island. It will make the wine fresh and the quality is maintained. The red wines should be stored between 62° – 68° F, while the white wines probably between 49° – 55° F.

So, are you interesting to have a kitchen island with the extra wine racks in it? Choose the best design for it that has been adjusted to your kitchen design. Maximize the use of your island in your kitchen and bring the happiness to your family member or your guests with it.

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