Kitchen Countertop Paint Color Ideas

Kitchen Countertop Paint Color Ideas for Better Kitchen’s View

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A white kitchen countertop may look boring if you mostly spend your time in the kitchen.

Therefore, you may need kitchen countertop paint color ideas. The painted kitchen countertop will make the atmosphere in your kitchen more vibrant and it will get rid of the boredom.

So, what are you waiting for? Here are things you need to know about the paint color ideas.

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1. Flat Latex Paint Color

The first paint color idea is flat latex paint. This paint color is available in a variety of colors including slate gray to forest green. Once you have painted your countertop with one of the colors of flat latex paint, you will have different kitchen styles, which include rustic, eco-friendly design, and modern.

Flat latex paint is the best choice for those who favor combined look of their kitchen. So, if flat latex paint is your choice, pick your favorite color and start painting your kitchen countertop.

Flat latex paint color for countertop

2. Stone-Textured Paint Color

The next paint color idea is stone-textured paint. Stone-textured paint is also available to paint your boring laminate kitchen countertop. This paint transforms damaged or worn laminate countertop into stone-textured look while boasting kitchen’s environment to be more modern and stylish. Also, stone-textured paint is available in several different colors, so that you can choose your own preference.

Kitchen countertop with stone spray paint colors

3. Charcoal Paint Color

This is another paint color idea for your kitchen countertop. Charcoal paint will make your laminate kitchen countertop surface look like stone. Moreover, by having your kitchen countertop painted with charcoal paint, it will make your kitchen look more modern than the old one. However, you will need to adjust the color of the cabinets, kitchen’s walls, and other appliances to suit the color style of the countertop for a modern look.

Kitchen countertop Charcoal Paint Color

4. Carrara Marble Paint

If you want to make your worn kitchen countertop looks anew, you may want to consider having it painted with Carrara marble paint. This paint color is great for those who want a total makeover to their kitchen environment, which is from rustic to modern look. Mostly, the available paint color is white, so it will make your kitchen look more vibrant and brighter.

Counter top colors with faux carrara marble painting

5. Granite Paint Color

The last paint color idea is granite paint. This is the most common paint that is often used by any homeowner. The reason is because there is a huge variety of available color picks for this paint, including the common colors, such as red, black, blue, to a combination of those colors.

Besides, granite paint is also affordable, so you can save more money by buying this paint. Once your countertop is painted with your chosen granite paint color, it will boast the traditional or conventional look to your kitchen.

Giani granite countertop paint colors

Therefore, there are many paint color ideas you can have to re-decorate your kitchen countertop. However, you will have to make sure that the kitchen countertop paint color ideas should be suitable with the kitchen’s color, so that your kitchen countertop color doesn’t look too conspicuous with other colors.

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