Kitchen Island with Cooktop

Kitchen Island with Cooktop

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Lately, multifunction space is becoming popular. This trick is particularly helpful for limited space kitchen.

However, the owner of spacious kitchen starts to copy this concept into their own, leaving more spaces for the other cooking equipment to line up.

The simple yet functional theme attracts more people to dig a little but further.

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The Definition

Kitchen island is originally the centerpiece of almost all modern kitchens. In its early debut, this item has less built-in features, allowing the owner to have abundant dishes and table decoration on the top.

Then, some bar stools were installed, and thus pioneering the upgraded version of a kitchen island.

Many manufacturers believe that a cooktop is the perfect pair for this item. The final product will commonly have four burners, and usually calls for a sink on the side, also microwave and oven in the drawer.

With this setting, you can cook the dishes without turning your back to the guest. Choosing the kitchen island with cooktop implicitly shows how much you appreciate both cooking and the guests.

Kitchen island with cooktop and oven

Gas or Electric Stove?

Now that you know the definition, the next thing to discuss is the common mental battle an owner will face. The type of stove affects not only the installation, but also your electric plan.

Among these two, the most popular choice is a gas stove. Just like how the chef in a big restaurant like it, the heat from gas stove could be controlled.

You can get various ranges of flame for different cooking purposes: simmering with low heat or searing with high heat.  Another plus point is its affordable price and environment friendly features.

However, sloppy installation sometimes puts the gas wire or the gas tube too close to the burner. As the result, the cook has a high risk of burning.

For your comparison, electric stove is loved for its low maintenance. Also, no open fire would be found, and you can simply hit the on/off button to light it up.

This design is totally favorable for those who cook lightly. For those who enjoys gathering with colleagues or families during holidays, then electric stove would be a turn down.

Imagine cooking in a big pot, and you spill some of the soup into the inner stove. The next day you will be busy dealing with the cables inside. As long as you manage to hold everything on the smooth surface, cleaning chores will be few to none.

Kitchen island with cooktop and seating

The Island Setting

Infusing a lot of great equipment into one piece is not as easy as it may look. To be able to cook conveniently, there are some rules to follow. The sink, for example, should not be too far or too close to the stove.

Don’t forget to consider the distance to your refrigerator and kitchen utensils. To tackle this problem, you could either re-arrange things or install a special drawer for the utensils.

When you want to own something simple, but perform several tasks at the same time, you should be ready for the consequences. Yes, it brings everything closer, within your reach.

The problem is the complicated installation and maintenance. The pipes for gas, waste water and electricity must be neatly arranged. If you are ready for these, then go and install one.

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