Rustic Kitchen Island on Wheels

Rustic Kitchen Island on Wheels

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Combining rustic kitchen island with wheels is a brilliant idea to express aesthetic impression in your kitchen. It is also a clever way of using scrap materials in your home.

By adding wheels, a kitchen island will bring an atmosphere of clean and natural countryside.

Learn more on rustic kitchen island which is also completed with wheels before getting one.


Rustic kitchen island is a concept for a multifunctional kitchen island. When you added the wheels, the function includes for cooking, eating places, and transporting alternative.

There are several advantages that make this concept as an option for the family:

  • Rustic style can be obtained from the materials around you. For example, from the former closet door or old barn door.
  • Rustic style creates simple, practical, and traditional impression. Guests who come to your home will feel like living in their own homes.
  • Rustic style easily combined with any style in the kitchen and your home. Why? Because this style is neutral.
  • The impression of modern and up to date can be obtained by combining rustic style with materials such as granite and marble for the kitchen wall.



Getting an elegant yet homey impression certainly needs some extra ornaments that require some budget. It is one thing to consider before choosing a rustic concept at the kitchen island. In addition, there are also other things:

  • Extra budget is required to purchase expensive rustic materials because of the current trend.
  • You need an extra finishing process on the material so it does not cause injury when touched.
  • To create a kitchen island on wheels with the concept of rustic, accuracy is required in order to get sturdy and durable piece. Therefore, choosing recommended brand is pretty important if you plan to buy instead of making it yourself.
  • Unlike kitchen island made of other material, this one will be extra light commonly. Adding wheel can be helpful and risky. You need to watch the movement and consider it wisely especially when you have young kids in the house.

 Pottery barn Rustic Kitchen Island on Wheels

Recommended Materials

For recommendations, you can choose thick solid wood because of its texture. Another good material is a blend of solid pine wood and iron.

Iron can protect the surrounding wood for your safety. It can also be an option material for the shelves, while the wood is perfect for the legs.

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Wearing scrap materials are also recommended for rustic models, for example, former cabinets that have weathered part in several places. You can maintain the weathered appearance to create the antique impression.

However, please consider about the strength of the wood. For the wheels, you can use rubber-coated iron wheels to protect your floor. The movement will be smoother and better.

Unfinished and unique Rustic Kitchen Island on Wheels

Color Combinations

Recommended color is mahogany, white, black, and red. For white color, you can combine it with the glossy effect to show a chic impression. If you choose the color black, it will make an elegant and modern impression. And if you choose a dark red color, it’ll make the warmth and homey impression. You can also retain the original color of the material and add a beautiful finishing.

To define the concept of rustic on the kitchen island, there are many things that should be considered. Do not arbitrarily choose the material and color. It is also an important thing to think carefully about the budget. When you only have little budget, you can try creating your own rustic kitchen island.

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