Kitchen Island on Wheels with Seating

Kitchen Island on Wheels with Seating

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Using a portable kitchen island that has wheels on it is a brilliant idea for additional space as well as improved productivity.

The addition of seats will also enhance the function if you ever plan to use the kitchen island for a dining table too.

If you like to add seats on your kitchen island with wheels, check out the following factors to consider.

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1. Adjust the Design of the Kitchen Island on Wheels to Your Kitchen

“What is the concept of my kitchen?” This is the first question that you must consider. Understanding your kitchen look or style will make choosing your kitchen island seat design easier. It will be perfect if you can combine the design so it looks consistent with your kitchen.

When you are done deciding on style and design, you can start looking for an available space. Even though kitchen on wheels is more flexible, the addition on seating will need enough space in your kitchen. Make sure it doesn’t make everything even more crowded.

The last thing that you must consider about the design is the material that will be used. The kitchen is one of the places with high humidity, dirty vulnerable, and is often exposed to heat. Therefore, you need to use material that is durable and reliable for this situation.

Polished wood or stainless steel material for the island and seating are the best choice for you. For the countertop, you may choose the stone base material, such quartz or marble because of their durability and they are easy to be clean.

Kitchen island with wheels and seating

2. The Best Seating

There are two kinds of seating that can be used to equip the kitchen island on wheels. They include chairs and stools.

If you have an extra space in the kitchen, you may use the chairs. Considering that chairs have back and arm, it will be more comfortable to use.

However, if your kitchen is lack of space, you shouldn’t insist on using chairs because it will make your kitchen looks more crowded. Use stools so that it increases the space while it is also easy to move whenever you don’t need to use it.

For the design, seating must be adjusted to the design of the island itself and it is preferable for the seat to made of the same material.

In alternative, you can use plain seats with neutral finish if you are short on budget.

Position the seating according to the shape of the island. You can place it in one side or around the island, depending on its shape and purpose.

Kitchen Island on Wheels with Seating for 4

3. Optimize the Use of the Kitchen Island

Being on wheel and completed with seats, your kitchen island can serve multiple functions. While you are cooking, it should be the best counter for preparing the food.

You can store your spices on the side and keep the cooking utensils in the drawer.

When you are done cooking, you can use it to serve the dinner. You can dine on it as well when you add it with the seats. When you are done eating, put the dishes on the lower layer for easy transporting.

The addition of seating option on a kitchen island with wheels only adds the function of it. It improves productivity and flexibility in your kitchen while it doesn’t take a lot of space, ideal for small kitchen. You should choose recommended brand for this.

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