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Design Your Kitchen with Contemporary Kitchen Island Stools

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A well decorated kitchen will look more satisfying when you add it with contemporary stools.

Adding contemporary stools does not always cost you much money when you can carefully choose it.

With the right price, you can design and give a different atmosphere to your kitchen.

When you have decided to have a bar or kitchen island in your house, it is a must for you to design it to the fullest. A well-designed and structured kitchen island will always comfort anyone who visits your house.

Obviously you want them to have good even great impression about your kitchen. You can start designing it by adding contemporary stools.

Here are some choices you can consider before choosing contemporary stools for your kitchen island.


1. Industrial Stools

This type of stools is actually the most flexible type amongst all. Industrial style can be adapted very well to all kitchen concept because of its materials such as rough wood, stainless steel, iron, etc.

Those materials are often incorporated with any kitchen decor, especially because of the appliances. With wooden seats and its metallic structures, industrial style stools are often featuring simple designs. Sometimes it can go all metal.

White modern Contemporary Kitchen Island Stools with sink

2. Leather Stools

Leather stools are usually matched with the traditional interior decor. But one thing you can note from leather style is this style can be innovative and unusual, so you can easily combine it with modern touches.

Unfortunately, when we apply leather bar or kitchen stools, the designs are not as versatile as other combinations. There will be some robust design that you usually find in traditional and elegant style.

3. Mid-Century Stools

Different with first two styles, mid-century stools apply less color choices rather than rough designs and blended colors.

This design incorporates a little bit less colors, but presents bold shades which makes it looks subtle and delicate.

The design is timeless and has a classical allure, but tend to be more modern and graphical. Mid-century design has simplistic creations that feature dynamic colors in the overall decor.

4. Suspended Stools

This is also another different style for your kitchen. Hanging stools in your kitchen can be risky and needs some real commitment, but once you do it correctly, the design will impress you.

There are only few people who adapt this style. Applying this design in your kitchen will put you in the extraordinary list.

The only weakness of this design is you will need some extra works whenever you want to move or rearrange your stools.

5. Fabric Stools

This design is the opposite of leather design. It tends to be more versatile when it comes in many different textures. Fabric is also easier to work with.

This design makes a space feel more casual, comfortable and more inviting. Pairing them with certain types of furniture or certain colors of material can be a good try.

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A well-designed kitchen can indirectly invite more and more people to your house. Their first impression about your kitchen can be ignored since it is a part of your house, which represents you as the owner. Hence, adding contemporary kitchen stools is a wise decision you can make.

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