Kitchen Island Cart Granite Top

Kitchen Island Cart Granite Top

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Some of you may choose the granite material as the top of your kitchen island cart. Granite top gives an elegant feel in your kitchen.

As we know, granite has its own appeal that can make your kitchen look like a high-quality kitchen.

Let’s learn more on kitchen island cart that uses granite top on it.

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Why Granite Material

Granite material is recommended for kitchen top including for kitchen island cart top. If you need to know the reasons, check out the following list.

  • Granite material is hard substances that resist to any scratches. You can be a rough cook, but this top won’t fail you.
  • It resists heat. It is completely finding to put hot pans on it and it won’t cause a damage. It is also safe to put the kitchen island cart near to any heat source in the kitchen. It will not affect the granite texture.
  • It is also resistant to stains so it will be easy to clean it. Food spills and any other possible drips will not get absorbed and change the top finish.
  • It is a very durable material. It can handle hard duty which explains why it is ideal for a kitchen island cart top.

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Why Kitchen Island Cart with Granite Top is an Ideal

The kitchen island cart with granite top can be a good choice for you. Why? As stated previously, granite material is durable.

In addition, it is also easy to install and maintain. Then, if you want to have something elegant in your kitchen, this product is very appropriate. The granite material has its own elegant feel and atmosphere.

However, granite material is quite heavy. However, with a few wheels on the cart, this won’t be a problem. Instead, it will be a solid pair for the kitchen island cart.

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Best color combination

You can choose the best color combination of your granite and cart depending on your kitchen theme. Here are several recommendations that you can consider.

  • Agatha black granite with white cart.
  • Alaska white granite with dark cart such as grey or black.
  • Arabian black granite with white cart or black cart.
  • Astoria granite with brown cart.

Why you should consider the color combinations above? Besides delivering the ultimate elegant, those color combinations are in trend right now and it represents everlasting beauty.

With careful selection, it will improve the overall value of your kitchen. Make sure to combine warm and light color to get a balance.

White kitchen island cart granite top

Tips to Choose

If you want a perfect kitchen island cart with granite top on it, use the following tips.

1. Choose quality granite

You should choose real granite and make sure it is properly installed. Make sure it is finished smoothly too, and it has perfect dimension matching your need.

2. Prefer on strong and durable kitchen island cart

As granite top is heavier than other top alternatives, it is important to have a strong and durable kitchen island cart. Thick wood is a good call. You need a cart that can carry the top easily while it remains totally functional too.

3. Consider the heavy duty wheels

With granite top requires more strength on the other kitchen island cart elements, it is recommended to have a heavy duty casters with locking rubber. It is safe while it offers great mobility too.

A kitchen island cart with a granite top is an excellent choice. It delivers function and beauty at once. Choose carefully so you can get the best use of it too.

Black kitchen island cart with granite top

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