Movable Kitchen Island with Seating

Movable Kitchen Island with Seating

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Having a built-in kitchen island is a must for those who really love cooking. However, what if the built-in kitchen island cannot hold all stuff placed on it?

Then, the simple solution is you have to own a movable kitchen island and some seats will be nice to add.

So, what things you should consider before purchasing a movable kitchen island with seating?

Here are some tips that will help you choose the right one.


1. What Is the Size of Your Kitchen?

First thing first, before you decide to buy any movable kitchen island product, you have to know the size of your kitchen.

This is important because you don’t want to end up installing a large movable kitchen island in your small-sized kitchen, right? In addition to the needed space for the moving kitchen island, we also need to provide enough space for the chairs.

Making sure there is enough room for traffic as well is also essential. With good calculation, this will be a great addition in the kitchen while it accommodates more people as well.

2. Consider the Style of Your Kitchen

After knowing the size of your kitchen, the next thing you should notice is that you have to understand whether your kitchen has modern style or traditional style. It allows you to choose the right design and model. Considering that we are adding seats on this kitchen island, choose a consistent design for the chairs as well.

Whatever the style will be, please make sure that it is easy to move as well, adjusting to the moving kitchen island. If it is hard to find matching style for both the island and the chairs, make sure one of them is on neutral design that fits well anyway.

Movable small Kitchen Island with banch Seating

3. How Many Seats?

An extra addition of movable kitchen island feels great if you have enough space and you do need the extra kitchen island.

However, if you plan to purchase a movable kitchen island that also supports seating, then you have to consider how many seating you should have.

For example, if you have a large-sized kitchen and you want to add an extra movable kitchen island that provides seating as well, you are allowed to have up to four seating on that movable kitchen island.

However, if you already have seating in one of your kitchen island, you have to think twice before you add extra seating.

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4. Additional Tips

In case you are confused in the way, you can come back to the following basic principles.

a. What is the Function of Movable Kitchen Island?

Its function is actually the same like portable kitchen island, which is providing an extra space to do your cooking action.

The difference between a movable kitchen island and a portable one is that the movable kitchen island mostly own wheels, so you can move it around.

It is mostly used to add extra tables for the cook if the ingredients prepared are too many. The portable kitchen island is mostly placed to complete the built-in kitchen island.

b. Be Wise on Seats Number

Considering that people who will seat on the chairs are mostly the ones who cook in the kitchen, we don’t actually need so many seats on it.

Instead, consider to add two chairs at most if possible. It should keep the space in the kitchen vacant while it accommodates enough seats for everyone as well.

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Choosing the right movable kitchen island that also supports seating sometimes can be a difficult task and even confusing.

It may be true because you have to consider the style of your kitchen, the size of your kitchen, and many more. You can also hire a home designer, so you don’t have to work all alone.

Portable kitchen island with drop leaf

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