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How to Replace Bathroom Faucets Knobs

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Do you want to replace your troublesome bathroom faucets knobs? The problems can be that the water keeps running even if the knobs are tight, there is water leaking in the knobs, or you just want another look of it.

To find out how to replace the knobs, pay attention to the information written below:


1. Check Water Supply

Every faucets has their own water supply and that’s why the first thing you need to check is the water supply where the water comes from; this is an essential need to do because if the water is still running while you are doing maintenance on the faucet then your sink will turn into a fountain.

To check the water supply, look down below the sink and find a valve on the same side as the knobs you want to replace. When you find it, make sure you twist the valve tightly to the right.

It will stop the water from getting up to the faucet. Also, you may want to test it by twisting the faucet knob to see whether the water comes out or not.

Bathroom faucets with glass knobs

2. Take Off the Knobs

Then, you need to take off the faucet knobs and the process is really simple. What you need to do first is to check whether your faucet knobs have caps on top of them or not.

If they do, take off the cap from the knobs carefully by using a screwdriver with minus edge; don’t break the caps because you still need them. If the caps have been taken off, you will see screw on the knobs then unscrew it.

Now, you can take off the knobs and you will see the stem of your faucet knobs. If you only want to replace your old knobs with the new ones for the looks, then simply slide your new knobs on the stems.

But if there is a problem with your faucet knobs and you want to replace it so your problem can be solved, you need to take off the escutcheon as well. To take off the escutcheon, find two holes on it. Unscrew the screws in each hole with Allen key.

After it is taken off already, you can replace it with your new escutcheon. Simply screw the screws back into the escutcheon holes and attach the stem.

Then, slide your knobs back into place and attach the top caps as well; don’t forget to twist the water supply valve.

Do a check by twisting the faucet knobs; if the water comes out like usual then it works, but if it doesn’t then there must something wrong with your installment. If you don’t find anything, call a professional help to fix your problem.

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One of the problems from a faucet is that when the knobs are supposed to be tight but water still drips out of the faucet; the sound it makes is surely irritating.

When this problem happens to your faucet, you know what you should do. Now that you know how to replace bathroom faucets knobs, you don’t have to worry about the problems.

Bathroom faucets porcelain knobs

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