Bathroom Faucets With Pull Out Sprayer

Guidance 101: Bathroom Faucets With Pull Out Sprayer

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Have you decided which one to buy between bathroom faucets with pull out sprayer or the pull down one?

The difference is not only on the “down” and “out” phrase, but more than that.

If you seek suggestion from the store keeper, they would surely recommend the pull down type. Then what about the pull out faucet?

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Start from the great things you should know. Consider the points: do you like the way it works?

  • Short Spout

Some kitchens do not have enough space for tall spout. The short spout will fit to limited space above your sink.

  • Longer Hose

Fill your pot next to the sink, not inside the sink. It would be much easier to drag the pot to the stove.

  • Less Water Splash

The hose is not only long; it is also flexible. Guaranteed: there will be minimum splash back on the tile and your apron.

  • Best Compatibility With Two Lever System

Compared to pull down type, this pull out type accommodates two lever system better. The reason is simple: the temperature should be adjusted first before letting the water to run off.

Bathroom sink faucets with pull out sprayer


There are some turns down of this model. Learning them will allow you to anticipate the worst thing that may come.

  • Not Popular

Its design somehow does not fit an ideal kitchen. Many buyers think this faucet style belongs to the other part of the house.

  • Absurd Design

If you care about the final look, then this model is not on the list from the beginning. It has obvious connector for the hose, and somehow fits better for bathroom than a kitchen.

  • Limited Flexibility

Filling short item like a pot would be easy, but how about a pitcher? You need to tilt the pitcher, and scoop more water to fill it to the top.

Installation Steps:

  1. First, prepare some basic tools like plumber’s putty, adjustable wrench, and safety glasses. Just in case you need extra lighting, put flashlight on your tool box. Make sure you have three holes sink or you can’t install this faucet.
  2. Remove the wing nuts from the threaded faucet shanks. They are in under the two levers and you are going to use them to secure the faucet position.
  3. Apply putty on the outer edge of faucet plate.
  4. Put the inlet down through the holes and set the position of the faucet on the sink.
  5. Place the wing nuts to the faucet shank from under the sink and tighten it using your hand. Use flashlight if needed.
  6. Slip the weight to the pullout hose.
  7. Tighten the fast connect hose to the inlet line (the middle one). There should be a hard stop.
  8. Connect the left side with hot water supply and the right side to the cold water supply.

Great thing about pull out sprayer is its wide reach without consuming too much vertical space. Even though this model is not the most favorite in the market, but it is more convenient to fill the pan without putting it inside the sink.

The installation steps are not complicated, either. So, have you decided to choose bathroom faucets with pull out sprayer? Read also about bathroom faucets brushed nickel.

Bathtub faucet with pull out sprayer

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