Bathroom Faucets Porcelain handles

Bathroom Faucets White Porcelain Handles Detail

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You had a brand new bathroom faucets white porcelain handles installed just several days ago. If the installation process, you don’t have to think about anything at least weeks ahead.

When time comes, a slight worry might cross your mind: how to maintain the handle? Is it good enough for your bathroom? Learning today will skip your worry later.

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Bathroom Faucets White Porcelain Handles

Good News from Porcelain Handle Faucet

1. Beautiful Look

One thing separates this faucet from the others: combination of porcelain and base material such as chopper or nickel.

Buyers cannot take their eyes off it glamorous look and will immediately grab one for their bathroom. Also, you could pick a pair of sink and porcelain faucet to get balanced look.

2. Modern Construction

In the manual book, you will find the explanation about faucet construction. Since most porcelain faucet has double handle, you could expect either ceramic disc or compression valves.

Both has the best performance and durability. If you have the single hand one, probably it also has ceramic disc valve installed.

The ceramic disc valves are the latest technology for water flow inside a faucet.

It has two disks inside sealed cylinder which control the water flow when you switch the water temperature. There will be almost no leakage, thanks to the neoprene seals at the water inlets.

Regular Maintenance

It would be a big lie if you don’t see any gunk or debris on the faucet layer after a month passed. Before it turns into too much work, do regular cleaning at your own schedule.

1. Wipe Clean

Use a clean and soft cloth and dry up the porcelain handle. Avoid using steel or iron material to clean the faucet. It may break the outer layer and later on cut your hand.

2. Soap Cleaning

For cleaner and more hygiene check, once in a week or maximum once in a month, you need to rinse the spout and handle with soap solution.

Take a soft sponge or soft brush to clean the area. Don’t forget to pour water and dry up after rinsing. You don’t want a slippery handle, right?

3. Commercial Product

It is not fair if the porcelain is the only one that get proper maintenance. Since the handle is not made from 100% porcelain, you need to pay attention to the other material, too.

Once a while, spray the commercial product to the base material and wipe it clean with soft cloth.

Simple DIY Repair

You grab the handle and twist it more than ten times a day. No matter how tough the material is, the screw will get loose.

Find where the screw is installed, and use a wrench to tighten the grip. If it doesn’t help, then unplug the stem. Wrap the inside with pipe thread tape and put it back to its place.

Its elegant look and style is probably the first reason for you to install it on the sink with similar pattern. Who knows that there are more great reasons to admire it?

To get the beauty last for the longest period possible, don’t forget to maintain it. Also, do the bathroom faucets porcelain handles repair yourself when the screw loose.

Bathroom Faucets porcelain lever handles

Bathroom Faucets White Porcelain Handles

Bathroom faucets white porcelain handles are an easy and affordable way to update the look of your bathroom. It has a sleek and simple design that can give your bathroom a modern feel.

Plus, the white porcelain handles are easy to clean and will complement any bathroom décor. Installation is easy, and this product comes with a lifetime warranty.

So, if you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to update your bathroom, bathroom faucets white porcelain handles are the perfect solution.

If you want to find this product, just search for bathroom faucets white porcelain handles on your favorite search engine. You’ll be sure to find a style that fits your bathroom perfectly. So, don’t wait any longer, update your bathroom today with bathroom faucets white porcelain handles.

The tips for choosing bathroom faucets are:

  1. Try to find a bathroom faucet that has the same finish as your bathroom fixtures. This will help to tie the look of your bathroom together and give it a more polished appearance.
  2. Also, make sure to choose a bathroom faucet that is the right size for your sink. You don’t want a bathroom faucet that is too small or too big for your sink.
  3. Another tip is to make sure that the bathroom faucet you choose has a lifetime warranty. This will help to protect your investment and ensure that you are getting a quality product.

When you are ready to purchase bathroom faucets white porcelain handles, keep these tips in mind to help you choose the perfect product for your bathroom.

Bathroom Faucets White Porcelain Handles
Bathroom Faucets White Porcelain Handles. Image: Etsy

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