Simple tips how to clean wood furniture with vinegar
Simple tips how to clean wood furniture with vinegar

How to Clean Wood Furniture With Vinegar To Make It Look New

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Who don’t want a piece of wood furniture in their house? It is fancy, and never gets old. Since the wood is often used as vocal point, you don’t want it to look shabby. Sadly, many people often forget to ask the type of finishing for the wood furniture and how to clean wood furniture with vinegar to make it look new. Don’t worry, you still have time to catch up.

How to clean wood furniture with vinegar
How to clean wood furniture with vinegar

Basic Knowledge

Cleaning is not everyone’s favorite job. For this reason, many people tend to do unnecessary mistakes while trying to clean up something. You want to be delicate while dealing with wood material. While it has sturdy forms, its surface is prone to stains. Unless you don’t mind the dull and blots, it is better to use proper tools.

When you go to cleaning item aisle in the market, find microfiber cloth. It absorbs water well yet has smooth surface. Using this cloth to clean up the wood will leave no scratch mark. Don’t just grab any used clothes unless you are sure that the fiber is soft enough.

Another thing; never take all-purpose cleaner to your shopping bag. It works only on wood surface covered by plastic. If you are not sure about the finishing, the all-purpose cleaner will not work well. You might also want to buy some furniture polish. It is essential to make your old wood new.

Cleaning Steps

How often do you clean your wood furniture? If you cannot remember well, then be ready to do all the steps needed for your wood furniture. 


To start your cleaning, dust of the wood furniture. You could pick one of the following options to do the job.

1. Feather Duster

It works perfectly well for delicate surface such as lampshade, picture frame and any other fragile items. You might want to feel the surface to check its smoothness. Frequently used feather duster might have some sharp cuts.

2. Used Clothes

If you notice that the dust layer is quite thick, then the best tool for dusting is used cloth. It could sweep all the dust layer smoothly. Apply slight pressure while cleaning. You could also dip it in water and wring it nicely before use.

3. Terry Towel

As the final stage in dusting steps, you want the wood surface to dry. Thus, having a terry towel on your hand will be handy.

Deep Cleaning

In some houses, wood furniture has a lot of functions. They are also exposed to constant temperature change. As the result, the wood surface might have more than dust on it. Make sure to perform deep cleaning routine.

Easiest homemade cleaner for grime would be oil soap and water. Mix them well. You could either dip cloth on the mixture or splash the mixture on the surface. Either way, you should clean and dry up immediately. If the surface is not cleaned up yet, you need stronger cleaner to help.

There is a commercial product made specifically to clean wood surface. Some of them are formulated to clean only solvent-based or oil-based residues. If possible, find one that could eliminate both. You could tell the difference; the liquid has milky texture and color. Resist the idea of applying linseed oil or white vinegar! They are calling for dusts.


Now it is time to bring back the shine of your wood furniture. As mentioned before, you should grab one commercial polishing product. It helps to protect the wood furniture. There are two kinds of polishing; paste wax and liquid wax. It is easier to apply liquid wax, but you might need to apply it periodically. Paste wax last longer, but it depends on how well you apply the wax.

The rule of applying polish liquid is simple. You need to damp the cloth, not spraying the liquid on the surface. Then apply the polish in circular motion, starting from the edge. Repeat the process until all surface is covered. For perfect result, you could use lamb’s wool pad attached to power drill for final touch.

Freshening Up

You have done all the cleaning steps. Now you get a better-looking wood furniture. However, something smells and you cannot figure out why. Don’t worry, it is normal for vintage furniture. There are simple ways to fix these problems.

First, bring the furniture out in a warm day. Make sure it is not raining. Also, you cannot let direct sunlight shines on the wood. Put on some shades or better, just put the wood furniture on the terrace. If it doesn’t help, pour some talcum powder to absorb the funny smell. Rub it softly on the surface then clean up the powder.

The smell on your furniture might come from the drawer. To fix this, you could put charcoal briquettes inside the drawers. Make sure to pour them on top of a lid or plate.

How to Clean Wood Furniture With Vinegar

Using vinegar, you can clean your wood furniture and get rid of dirt, dust, and grime build-up quickly and easily. All you need is a cloth or sponge, some vinegar, and some water.

First, mix equal parts vinegar and water in a bowl. Then, dip your cloth or sponge into the mixture and wipe down your furniture.

For tough stains, you may need to scrub a bit harder. But be careful not to damage the finish on your furniture.

Once you’re finished cleaning, rinse the vinegar off with some clean water and dry your furniture with a soft cloth. And that’s it! Your wood furniture will be looking like new in no time.

Thanks to vinegar, cleaning wood furniture is now easier than ever. Try it for yourself and see!

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Simple tips how to clean wood furniture with vinegar
Simple tips how to clean wood furniture with vinegar. Image

Cleaning Tips For Special Surfaces

Not all wood surface is made from real wood. Some of them are made rom fabricated materials. Of course, they need special treatment.

1. Laminate

In case you don’t know, laminate products are usually using 100% synthetic materials. You need to clean it on daily basis and also pay attention to its surface. The use of commercial cleaning product on laminate surface is 100% prohibited. It will leave stain you cannot remove. Moreover, these products tend to create layers on laminate furniture.

The best way to clean laminate products is using damp clothes dipped in warm water. Before you wipe down the surface, make sure that you already clean the surface from any debris. If you want your laminate products to last longer, don’t leave it under direct sunlight. This condition will make the color fades quickly.

2. Wood Veneer

You could buy wood furniture for cheap price if you choose wood veneer. It is not made from real wood; at least not all of them. The surface is thin wood. The rest is composed of particle board. Just like laminate furniture, it cannot stand heat and moisture. Make sure to install it on shady area.

It is also important to lay a cover on the surface. You are not suggested to use any chemical products to clean wood veneer. Stay safe by using warm fiber cloth to clean up the mess. To cover any scratch mark, you could apply wax or polishing product.

Wooden furniture care and cleaning
How to clean wood furniture with vinegar to make it look new

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