Best wood floor cleaner product
Best wood floor cleaner product

Top 10 Best Wood Floor Cleaner Product You Should Try Today

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Wooden floor is always a great feature to have in a house. While it makes a perfect base for all styles, it actually looks stunning that elevates the house value. It isn’t entirely durable, but you can keep the look for a longer time with enough care and cleaning. These solutions are claimed to be the best wood floor cleaner product below.

Best wood floor cleaner product
Best Wood Floor Cleaner Product

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1. Pledge Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner

This solution is highly recommended for its great result and for its practicality. The application is pretty unique. Instead of diluting or spraying the solution, you can simply squirt it on the floor. This is specifically practical when you want to clean a large area with wooden floor. It gives you fast cleaning process.

While it is fast in application, it is actually really clean as well. Some customers claim to use it on other furniture and window cleaning as well. It can be hard to find sometimes, but it should be available on several sizes and price is around $11 to $42. 

2. Orange Glo Hardwoon Floor Everyday Cleaner

Unlike other solutions, this offers unique smell. Other solutions will smell like chemical and rather harsh. This may get too much for those who are sensitive on this kind of smell. Orange Glo, as indicated by its name, offers citrus smell that stays on your floor. The weather can be humid and bad, but you will smell it fresh anyway.

This is the best solution when you plan to give your wooden flooring a regular and daily cleaning. You only need to spray and then mop. You can also try the polish this same brand offers for ultimate glossy look.

3. Method Squirt + Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaner

This brand is popular among those who like environmentally friendly product. Method uses only biodegradable and plant based material for this solution. It also explains why its strong formula is also safe in case of skin contact. The bottle is plastic, but it is a recycled one, so you can be proud buying this product.

Customers claim this cleaner leaves nutty smell with fresh and light sensation on your floor. It smells like fresh almond, and this smell stays a long time. It doesn’t leave stickiness or film on your floor at all and it cleans just as effective as you expect it.

4. Zep Commercial Hardwood and Laminate

As informed on its name, this cleaner is more a commercial cleaner than anything. However, Zep has been widely used by customers to clean their own home. It smells great and it cleans the floor very nicely just by spraying and mopping.

If you want to make more use of this cleaner, it is claimed that the solution is also great for crown molding, cabinet doors, and baseboards in addition to the laminate and hardwood floors. However, this isn’t you cleaner if your floor needs waxing or uses oil finish.   

5. Bruce Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner Refill

This cleaner is a value product as it is very affordable while it does the job well. Spray the solution on your floor and mop it once. You don’t need to rinse. It clears out smudges and leaves shiny floor as the result.

This cleaner doesn’t leave any residue and it dries so quickly that you don’t need to worry about your kids slip on it. It is best used for laminate and hardwood floor, and it isn’t recommended to use for floor with wax or oil finish.

6. Murphy Oil Soap Wood Cleaner

This cleaner has been around for a hundred years and it has its loyal customers. The reason for this product to survive that long is that it actually works. The smell is like fresh fruits spilled on your floor, and it actually cleans well on laminate and wood floor.

You can also use this on your tiles, porcelain, and furniture but please leave out the unfinished and unsealed. It can leave a little build up but it should be fine as it can be handled fast.

7. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Spray

This cleaner has been around for a hundred years as well and is probably the best right now. It received certification from Greenguard Gold which means you don’t have to worry when you want to use it and there are kids or pets around.

Spray the cleaner and mop it dry. You don’t have to rinse while it removes grime, dirt, and dust. It leaves a squeaky clean floor that shines without any residue. If there are fanatic customers for this solution, there is a strong reason why you should too.   

Best Wood Floor Cleaner Product Bona
Best Wood Floor Cleaner Product. Image:

8. Black Diamond Stoneworks Wood and Laminate Floor Cleaner

While it obviously clean really well, this cleaner is also popular for being effective on harder task. You can clean scuff marks perfectly with a few times of spraying and wiping. Spots will be cleaned in one wipe, and it means cleaning the house is as simple as spraying and mopping once.

This product is also a top scoring one, making it at the top rates. The price should be around $11.98 per spray bottle, which is a reasonable price for such an effective use. 

9. Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop

Just as unique, this product is just as effective as you can imagine. Coming from a reputable brand, this cleaner comes with the mop and sprayer in one device. The pad is microfiber and it can be washed and used again and again.

It sprays the cleaner as wide as the head, giving you effective and faster cleaning. The corners are soft as well, allowing you to reach every corner just as great. You can buy this on around $38.80 rate, which is very reasonable for this excellent tool.

10. Swiffer Wetjet Wood Starter Kit

This mop is a little bit pricey as being labeled in $48.99 rate, but it is totally worth the investment. The pad is disposable, and the mop is completed with lights, which is beneficial when it comes to cleaning under the furniture.

This mop is powered by battery, so the dispenser will spray automatically as well if you want to. The pads are actually completed with scrub as well so you can clean dirt and soil on your floor. It gives you fast cleaning with satisfying result. 

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