How to make wooden furniture more durable
How to make wooden furniture more durable


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Despite of the fierce competition between furniture materials, wood still keeps its charm. For this reason, many people still look for wood furniture. Many house owners treasure their wood items and try hard to make it last as long as possible. How to make wooden furniture more durable?

How to make wooden furniture more durable
How to make wooden furniture more durable


Even though you rarely use the wood furniture, there is good chance for it to get dusty. The air that circulates inside the house might bring fine dust particle, which then drops on the wood surface. After some times, these dusts will pile up and pull blind on the wood shine.

Make sure to dust the wood surface at least three times per week. Also, pay attention to the cleaning item. Some of you might choose feather duster or soft cloth to prevent any scratch on the surface. While they serve this purpose, they merely move the dust to the air. Pick lamb-wool duster or terry cloth instead.


Just because your wood furniture has been polished, it doesn’t mean that the furniture cannot be stained! Wood finish will improve the resistance of stain. However, letting the spill sits on the furniture for a long time is not recommended either. To keep the shine, it is suggested to clean the spill as soon as it drops on the surface.

What should you use to clean this spill? Wiping with bare hands still leave some tiny drops of water. Safest option would be a soft cloth dipped in warm and soapy water. Gently wipe the surface with spilled water. Repeat the process twice to make sure the water is cleaned properly.

If this simple solution is not enough, you could apply cleaning product. Be careful while reading the purpose of the product. Don’t play safe with all-purpose cleaning product. Spend some time to read the labels meticulously.

Put back any cleaning products containing ammonia or silicone. They will ruin the polish faster. Find products that are created specifically for wood and certain finishing. Even after applying this cleaning product, you still have to dab soapy water on the wood surface. Otherwise, the residue might pile up and call for another cleaning time.


One thing you will learn as the owner of wood furniture is the respond to weather. This is part of science, taught to you in middle school. When the weather gets too hot, the wood will expand. On the other hand, it goes smaller during cold season. With this constant change, wood would easily crack without any protection.

It is important to be able to control humidity. Inside the house, the ideal temperature should be around 60 to 80 degree while the humidity hangs between 30 to 45 percent. You should also think hard about the furniture placement. Avoid direct sun, as it will alter the chemical compound in finishing layer.



Unlike the other alternative materials, you could repair broken wood furniture many times before enlisting it for sale. Those who own sofa made from wood and fabric combination could replace the fabric three to five times before asking for new wood frame. It is possible as long as you don’t forget one important rule: repair any damage immediately!


Do you ever find the culprit for several white rings on the wood surface? It is easy. Remember the last time you put hot or cold beverage on it? Both heat and cold could seep into the finishing layer. This is the source of your rings.

Thankfully, there are plenty remedies. You might try to heat the area with hair dryer. Still not working? Then apply car wax or toothpaste on the affected surface. Rub in circular motion while applying light pressure. Then, wipe with damp cloth.


So, someone accidentally spill ink on your wood area. Easy, you could remove this trouble stain. For furniture without finishing layer, make a mix of water and baking soda. Rub the paste on the ink stained area only. For furniture with finishing layer, mix water and dish washing liquid.  This solution works better.


You need to look under the table or hidden corner to spot the chewed gum. It is sticky, dirty and definitely could ruin your wood furniture. Surely, the gum had stuck in that particular spot for a while before you notice. Remove as many gums as you can. For the residue, apply cold compress for ten minutes. Then, scrape with blunt object such as butter knife.


Define your scratch first. Is it big or small? For small scratch, the best available option is marker or drawing pen. Bigger scratch could be covered with shoe polish or coffee ground. Pick either one and start working. Don’t forget to find the closest colour to the wood surface. Also, follow the scratch’s direction while applying the remedy.


From the previous explanation, you could conclude that wood furniture is the most vulnerable to stains. Thus, prevention steps are important. One thing you could do is providing covers. Wood table should have tablecloth, dining table should be covered in plastic layer, etc.

This step is particularly important during holiday season or gathering occasion. You never know what, when and who could spill something on the wood surface. The cover will prevent the spill to touch the wood surface directly, acting as barrier. 

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Not all of you buy new wood furniture. In many cases, second hand store has pretty items for cheap price. Who cloud resist such offer? If you belong to this group, then make sure to apply extra protection. Wood furniture sold in second hand store must have marks or scratch. Displaying them won’t be good.

You have two options; paint them or apply another finishing layer. Neither is hard work. Before you start the project, lightly sand the surface. It helps the wood furniture to absorb solution better. After applying paint or finishing layer, dry your furniture thoroughly. Now look at the result; isn’t is worth all the time and work?

How to make wood furniture more durable with extra protection
How to make wood furniture more durable with extra protection. Image

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