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How to Clean Bathroom Faucets Gold

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As one of the important parts in our bathroom, we need to regularly clean the faucets even it’s already wet whenever we use it.

Being wet doesn’t mean that it’s clean. Different materials of faucets surely need different treatment, especially when it’s made of gold.

So here are some tips that you may try in case your bathroom faucet is made of gold.

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1. Prepare the Substance

The first thing you need to is of course prepare all the substances that you will need to clean the faucet. The main ingredients of the substance are vinegar and water that are also safe to be used to clean other fixtures.

Mix three cups of water with one cup of vinegar in a spray bottle or a bowl. This mixing basically depends on the situation of your faucet. You can double or triple the dose if you think it’s necessary.

2. Avoid Chemicals

Before you start the process, it’s better to inform you that chemicals can harm most of faucet materials, including gold. Therefore, you need to really sure about the formula that you’re going to wipe to your faucet.

Applying any harsh chemicals to your gold bathroom faucet may damage the surface or even the entire faucet. Note that ammonia is categorized as harsh chemical and so is bleach.

3. Start the Cleaning

If you’re already sure about all the ingredients, it’s time to start the cleaning. Use a soft flannel cloth and dip into the formula that you already prepared before. Wipe it to all over the faucet and wait until it soaks for 15 minutes.

Next, wipe the faucet clean using a damp cloth but remember to not using a scrubbing device or something similar that may damage the plating. If you finish doing the last step, don’t let the faucet get dirty enough because it will require more cleaning.

After wiping the faucet using damp cloth, you may wipe the faucet using the flannel cloth again, the one that is already dyed to the formula. Repeat the same steps until you thing that the faucet is clean enough.

When the faucet is free from residue, rinse it using clean water and buff it with dry and clean cloth until all water is removed and the faucet is bright and gleaming.

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4. Do it Routinely

This kind of cleaning is needed to be done at least once a week. Routinely cleaning will help really help you since hard water and scum are not allowed to build up.

Although vinegar is not a fast solution cleaner, it will not damage the surface of your faucet. That is the point of good cleaning; getting clean and not damaging. Do it regularly for once a week will not be a big deal to keep your gold faucet clean and looks bright.

Basically all types of bathroom faucets are needed to be cleaned, no matter what the materials are. Especially for gold, we can’t use any random ingredients since it can harm the materials.

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