Narrow Bathroom Vanity with Sink

Narrow Bathroom Vanity with Sink

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Narrow bathroom is a little trickier to set up especially when you want a vanity as well in the bathroom.

You may need to be selective on the size but it doesn’t mean that you have too few options for the vanity.

In fact, there are several designs of bathroom vanity that will suit the narrow space you have. Check out the following list for ideas.

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1. Wall-Mounted Vanity

This idea appeared in the 40’s and 50’s for the first time and it becomes more popular today. The concept shows the sink and the water pipes that are attached on the wall. You may also provide the flexibility of your bathroom with any level of height to accommodate the users.

Place a small cabinet that suitable with the sink design right below the vanity for more storage space. Show the vintage atmosphere in your bathroom with this design.

2. Pedestal Vanity

The sewer is not embedded on the wall to make it easier for you to fix it when it needs some repair. The cabinet is also designed with a unique backside that adjusts the shape of the sewer.

Two-door cabinet is the best choice for you to look balanced. This idea can also be applied in the corner of your bathroom to add some extra space.

3. Console Vanity

It is the best idea for you who look for an extra space and simple appearance. Console vanity is the combination of a room-hogging vanity and zero storage.

The sink is attached on the wall and supported by two to four skinny legs that make your bathroom shows the illusion of airiness. For the storage below, you may use some options such as shelf or rack.

4. Scaled-Down Vanity

This design is basically offering all you want on a bathroom vanity in a smaller size. You can use the design in the corner of the bathroom so you have more space for other things. Other positions are also possible as it is small enough to fit yet sufficient for all the functions.

5. Elongated Vanity

This is a solution for you who have long and narrow bathroom in your house. The double sinks or faucets are attached to accommodate your needs.

The cabinet can be adjusted to the size and design of the countertop that is placed just below it. You can modify the appearance by the use of the material.

6. Toilet-Lid Vanity

Last but not least, here is the best option for you if you have a really narrow bathroom. You can modify the toilet top lid into a sink. Seriously, this is possible.

Besides being able to add space in the bathroom, this idea is environmental friendly because the remaining water from the sink can be used to flush the toilet. This idea can conserve at least two gallons of water each person every day with normal use.

These ideas may help you to increase some extra spaces for your bathroom. Moreover, if you apply the design of the vanity properly, the appearance of your bathroom will stay great and beautiful. If you need a vanity in your bathroom and your space is limited, use one of the options above for real good function and look.

Narrow depth bathroom vanity and sink

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