Gray Bathroom Vanity with Sink

Gray Bathroom Vanity with Sink: Tips to Match the Interior

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Gray becomes more and more popular today as simplicity and modern style are on trend.

The neutral yet stylish finish comes to be popular in the bathroom as well with many gray vanities are available now.

If you like the idea, you may need to check out the following tips to match the vanity for impressive bathroom interior look.

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1. White is Gray Best friend

While black also comes as neutral color, white is more likely to be well matched with gray. It adds light nuance while it also makes sure the room gets enough light as well. It simply adds balance on gray color.

You can use white on the sink, wall, or mirror frame to make perfect match for the gray vanity. Commonly, expert suggests you to use more white than gray but it actually depends on how you want it.

However, too much gray will give darker atmosphere in the bathroom. So, you may need to consider the proportion first.

2. Match It with the Tiles

Since we are talking about the bathroom vanity finished in gray, we might as well match it with the bathroom tiles. Bathroom is often covered with tiles on the floor and wall. Choose one.

You can match it with the floor or wall tiles. You can match it with both but you may need to consider on the gray level so your bathroom isn’t going to be too dark.

With enough proportion of gray, you can finish the other part with consistent color like white, blue, green, or pink. This match will give you a red line on how to work on the rest details of the interior.

Grey bathroom vanity double sink

3. Shades of Gray

We are definitely not talking about the novel but what kind of gray you want to choose. Gray color is available from the light one to the bold one.

To decide the right level of shade, you need to decide on how bright you want your bathroom to be. Lighter gray works better for brighter bathroom.

In addition to it, you also need to know the color combination to add. It affects what kind of gray you should use.

4. Work with Lighting and Clutters

Just as other color, your gray bathroom vanity needs to be completed with other details. First, work on your lighting. Enough brightness will bring out modern and young atmosphere in your bathroom with this gray vanity.

To make a balance in the room, you also need to add other clutter in gray finish too, like the bathroom mat, door handles, cabinet handles, faucets, or mirror frames. It brings consistency in the concept.

If you already have enough gray beside the vanity in the bathroom, work on small stuffs so gray doesn’t dominate your bathroom.

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There are many ways you can try to match your gray bathroom vanity. The most important principle is to keep it in balance while bringing out consistency in the whole concept. Gray practically works well with so many colors so your gray bathroom vanity with sink should be a great addition to make.

Gray vanity white sink

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