Antique bathroom vanity with vessel sink

Maintenance Tips on Antique Bathroom Vanity with Vessel Sink

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For most people, antique furniture are the focal point that represent the look of the entire room.

However, you have to know that antique furniture such as antique bathroom vanity with vessel sink should be kept in good health, meaning that you have to do regular maintenance to it.

Check out the following explanation for further information about maintaining bathroom vanity.


Eclectic vintage antique bathroom vanity sink

The Importance of Maintenance

Maintenance on bathroom vanity, especially if it is antique furniture, will help it staying new and looking sharp.

You will need a little extra care and a little extra preparation since your bathroom vanity is placed in the bathroom which tends to be a moister environment. Once you have mastered the basic of maintenance, this task will frequently become your daily routine.

Therefore, your antique bathroom vanity will stay in great shape for years to come. It is known that every antique bathroom vanity is unique.

They are built of different materials, so that you need to do different way of maintenance depending on the material of your own antique bathroom vanity. For example, the same cleaners won’t apply and the treatment you use is different.

Antique bathroom vanity with bowl vessel sink

Doing Maintenance to Antique Bathroom Vanity

There are two tasks you can do to care of your antique bathroom vanity. They are known as sealing and polishing. Check out the following explanation for a detailed description.

1. Sealing Your Antique Bathroom Vanity

The first maintenance for your antique bathroom vanity is doing a little sealing. The sealing can be down by rubbing down the wood with a fine or quality coating of linseed oil.

However, you should do the sealing prior to installing the bathroom vanity in your bathroom.

This treatment is done at least several times a week or on a daily basis. The reason of doing this sealing on your antique bathroom vanity is to ensure that it stays bright and vibrant.

However, you should know that the treatment will differ depending on the materials used to build the antique bathroom vanity.

2. Polishing Your Antique Bathroom Vanity

Once you have done those tasks, then you can do regular cleaning or polishing with a quality antique wood polish to keep it well conditioned and shining.

The polishing will give it a soft glow that looks wonderful. You have to check an inconspicuous spot to make sure that the polish will not leave a mark.

Besides, if your antique bathroom vanity is not finished with sealant or varnish, then make sure that you keep it well waxed. However, if it has been sealed with sealant or varnish, the waxing won’t be necessary.

In conclusion, you will need to spend a few hours in order to do the maintenance to your antique bathroom vanity. The maintenance itself will keep the antique bathroom vanity in a great shape and the quality will stay like a new.

However, you should pay attention to the materials used to build the antique bathroom vanity as you will need to do different way maintenance to it.

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