Simple tips pick bathroom vanity with no sink

Simple Tips Pick Bathroom Vanity with No Sink

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When you are about to buy a bathroom vanity with no sink, then you have to make sure you choose the right vanity built with proper materials.

It is because bathroom vanities are installed permanently to the studs of your home.

Therefore, you need to follow these simple tips to pick the right bathroom vanity with no sink.

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1. Materials Used to Make Bath Cabinet

The first tip of choosing the right bathroom vanity with no sink is to decide the materials used to make bath cabinet. This step is one of the most important decision you should make when affording a bathroom vanity.

Besides, moisture and humidity are ones of the biggest problems with wooden furniture, therefore, deciding on bathroom vanity’s materials is important.

Keep in mind that solid wood vanities provide and offer the greatest durability. Meanwhile, rubber wood vanities are very suitable option that offers about 90% the strength of oak wood.

2. Deciding the Size of Bathroom Vanity

If you have decided the materials for the bathroom vanity, then you can move on to decide the size of the bathroom vanity. Not all homes are built the same, so you have to measure the dimensions of your own current room size.

With the number collected from the measurement, now you can match the size between your room and the bathroom vanity.

3. Types of Bathroom Vanities

There are some types of vanities that you can use as the guide to select the most suitable types of your choice.

  1. Free Standing; this is the most common type of bathroom vanity that is seated on the floor and attached to the wall with mounting screws.
  2. Floating; this type of vanity is wall-mounted. Floating bathroom vanity is more common in contemporary and modern designs.
  3. Open Space; this type of vanity is great to create an relaxing atmosphere for more airy feeling in your bathroom. It features with visible storage space with no door panels.

4. The Style of Bathroom Vanity

You can decide the style of bathroom vanity as well. They are described as follows.

  1. Antique; antique vanities mean more decorative and elaborate. Antique vanities commonly have the rustic look of the past. So, you will find aged vanities that feature ornate accents that are elegance, opulence, and fashionable.
  2. Modern; modern vanities are built based on the trends during the Mid-Century Modern period. They amplify minimalist sensibilities with simplistic and bold lines. The idea is to keep the vanities simple and functional.
  3. Transitional; transitional vanities are the blends of the new and old style. This style of vanities is similar to modern vanities. It is a great choice for you if you think the antique vanities are too old-fashioned but the modern vanities are too plain.

In conclusion, it is important to know the tips to buy the right and proper bathroom vanity with no sink that will right fit with the room design and style.

These tips on picking the perfect choice for a bathroom vanity will help you through, so you don’t have to run into trouble when deciding to buy one in the store.

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