How to Decorate Bathroom Vanity with Sink

How to Decorate Bathroom Vanity with Sink

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There so many things you can do to your bathroom, especially when you have a vanity with sink inside it.

Decorating your bathroom vanity will be a pleasing work to be done.

Before you start doing the decoration, it will be better for you to look at some tips below before as your reference.

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1. Calculate Your Budget

In every kind of project, you will always need to think about the budget. If you already have the vanity that you want in your bathroom, then it’s time to calculate the budget you have for decorating the bathroom vanity.

You don’t need to spend much money to decorate your bathroom vanity, but a decent decoration sometimes requires some amount of money.

The important point is how well you manage your budget in order to get a decent or extraordinary decoration for your vanity.

Bathroom vanity with vessel sink

2. The Type of the Vanity

If budget is not a big problem for you, then let’s move to the vanity. You can do almost anything with your vanity once you deal with your own budget, but first, classify the type of your vanity.

Different types of vanity surely require different ways to be decorated. Make sure that your decoration plan will synchronize with your vanity type.

If you have long and big vanity, it means you are going to need more accessories. The accessories don’t have to be expensive, but make sure that it will look good once you store it on the vanity.

For example, you can add a simple mirror above your vanity. Set the height of the mirror as you want since you can use your vanity while you stand up or sit.

Adding some flowers is also a good and worth trying idea. Not only for the sake of a good look, adding some flowers also creates friendly ambiance which is necessary for your bathroom.

Make sure that you choose flowers that are match with your bathroom or vanity type to strengthen the ambiance.

Bathroom vanity with trough sink

3. The Type of the Sink

Right after you know what kind of vanity you have, it’s time to match the decoration with the sink of your vanity. As you always know, different type of sink will also require different ways that you may use in decorating.

A mounted and an offset vanity sink may have different ways or options to be decorated, so does with a single and double vanity sink that also require different process of decorating.

The main difference between single and double vanity sink in the decorating process is the number of its accessories.

If you only use a single vanity sink, then you can focus in adding some accessories on it. While when you use a double sink, you will need doubled number of accessories for the sink.


Decorating one of the spot in your house is always interesting, so does with decorating your bathroom vanity. One thing that you need to remember about decorating is be free and wild since it’s one of the times when you can express yourself.

Bathroom vanity with double sink

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