Bathroom Vanity Unfinished Wood Decor

Bathroom Vanity Unfinished Wood Decor Tips

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Adding bathroom vanity made of unfinished wood is an excellent idea and it apparently is on trend right now.

The rustic look is simply amazing and calm, and it makes a great addition.

With careful touch, it can be a focal point in your bathroom. You only need to add appropriate decor on it.

If you don’t have any idea what to engage, check out the following tips.


1. White Always Works

White always works in all style, and it works very nicely on this vanity. White adds a sense of purity and emphasizes its rustic nuance.

The wood material actually adds the elegance yet white brings a little modern touch in it. It is a great idea to bridge the vanity with your modern bathroom.

To add this color, you can do several options. Laying several towels on the vanity rack is often more than enough. Meanwhile, white sink and white flower vase always work great. Even white towels and bottles will just work out well effortlessly.

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2. Contrasting Marble Sink

This idea is particularly new and is rarely applied until today. The vanity plain and rustic look is superb but adding a little artistic touch will improve its value.

Many interior designers suggest home owners to add sink bowl on top of the vanity. While fully functional, a little decoration mind will change its look.

For example, you can add a medium sink bowl made of blue and greenish marble. This sink has fun and interesting touch to the rare look of the vanity. It is completely fine to choose something that actually is very contrasting. It’s even better.

3. You Need Plant

We all know how rustic decoration can never leave plants behind. The same principle should go for this bathroom amenity.

The rustic look of unfinished wood can only be completed with plants on top of it. And yes, you need the green color for a strong statement.

Your options are available from a small vase of grass, the seed plant of Chinese bamboo, or even a medium pot of shrubs.

Flowers are great too but you need to make sure it has green stem and leaves for the real nuance. Use white vase or pots to keep it balance.

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4. A Touch of Steel

Unfinished wood and steel is a great combination. It works for your vanity too. Instead of using all wooden legs, you should consider using old steel feet for the vanity.

In addition to it, you can also wear steel knobs for the drawers or steel bars for the rack. There is no exact rule to it but to add steel in its design.

You can also add borders on the vanity top sides for accent. In addition to it, add steel-based mirror lighting to complete the look. This style is available on modern and vintage nuance. You choose.

This vanity is going to be a valuable addition in the bathroom. Adding decoration on it is also pretty easy to do. Those tips above should help you to maximize the vanity look. Give it a try.

4 Tips for Decorate Bathroom Vanity Unfinished Wood

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