Unfinished Vanity Cabinets Without Tops

Finishing the Unfinished Vanity Cabinets

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There are two splits opinion about any unfinished product. Some say that the natural wood and carve are its distinctive charm, but several others take it to cut their furniture budget.

Either side you are on, the unfinished vanity cabinet should be coated before. Otherwise, it will be very fragile and totally vulnerable.

Learn more about the unique product and how to handle it.


1. Recognize The Material

The term “unfinished” means that the product has not received any treatment, giving you the highest flexibility for the finishing. Most of the samples are usually dominated with wood based material.

Some popular woods are ivory, cherry, and red wood. Each of them delivers different vibe to the room. Product from medium quality wood shouts casual instead of elegant.

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2. Determine The Style

Any great contractors would suggest you to go with classic style if your unfinished item is made from high quality wood. Expose the wood fiber in the surface.

For the coming years, you could awe your guests. Also, you will spend less than coating the whole thing and cover the natural wood pattern.

If you happen to buy the cheaper one, then there is only one way to upgrade: stain it. The type of pattern or colors is for you to decide. There is endless possibility, but the most popular ones are plain color and granite pattern.

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3. Cover The Holes

Who wants any smudge on the vanity surface? No one. As you getting the preparation done, always check for the holes. While doing this, make sure you give enough lighting.

If needed, you should turn over the vanity and point the light to it. Small holes are often hidden and only shown when stained.

Done with the marking, you have to fill the holes with putty. It is available in any store that provides building material. Let it dry for several minutes. Lastly, sand the surface using the sand paper for smooth finishing result.

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How to finishing the unfinished vanity cabinets

4. Decide: Veneer or Stain?

You have these two options for the cabinet. There is no real winner if you compare these two, because the decision goes back to you as the owner. Veneer is usually applied on top quality natural wood.

It gives shine as well as covering the fragile surface from moisture and dust. However, you cannot do experiments with this product. It has limited color option.

Those creative minds usually prefer to stain the plain product. With its wide range of color variety, you could literally create anything. Going for unique pattern? You only need to make the base color and draw the pattern using pencil.

Be extra careful on the edges and sides. Take small brush and slowly strokes the color. Don’t forget to give color to the inner walls.

Coating unfinished material is not an easy job, after all. There are a lot of things to consider and a bunch of style to choose. Determine what kind of wood you are working with, and make your mind about the final goal. Pay a close attention to the edge when you paint it.

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