How to Eliminate Smell after Cooking

How to Eliminate Smell after Cooking

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After throwing a feast, the most avoided place is the kitchen. The smell of bad odors as well as the trace of the meal you just finish fills the air.

As the result, your kitchen doesn’t have nice smell. You could ignore it for a night and goes straight to dream land.

Just don’t forget to get up early in the morning and do these simple tricks to swish away the odor.

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1. Cooking Aromatic Spices

In order to beat a monster, you need another monster in your team. After cleaning all the curves and surfaces thoroughly, grab your bowl for microwave purpose.

Throw in several pieces of cinnamon, a spoon of brown sugar and butter. Bake it for a few hours. When you open the oven, the aromatic spices will overlap the onion or grilled meat odor you had the night before.

If you don’t have any oven, you could simply simmer cloves in a saucepan. Keep it that way until more than half of the water has gone. See if you like the smell.

Some people might not fond of spices aroma. In this case, you could always replace the cloves with lemon peel.

The worst case after a big party is running out of gas. Take out the scented candles from your room and light it. Do the other chores and come back in a few hours. Don’t have any? Then soak some cotton balls on vanilla extract, and place them in the kitchen corner.

2. Preparing Good Air Circulation

Many people learn from their mistakes, so do you. If bad smell lingers around your kitchen after cooking, then it probably means that your air circulation is not good enough.

Check again your exhaust fan. It absorbs the air inside and throw it to the other side of the wall. Make sure no one reverse the function.

What about your chimney? Nowadays chimney doesn’t exclusively belong to old house. Modern house has what is called electronic chimney.

It is the upgraded version of exhaust fan. In addition of the ability to avert the smoke, this item also provides a tray to catch the dripping grease. The bad smell might also come from the tray, so you have to clean it.

4 Simple tips how to eliminate smell after cooking-

3. Soaking Cutting Board

The following tip applies for those who own wooden cutting board. Aside of being the most comfortable tool to work with, your cutting board absorb liquids from onion, meat juice, and many more. Could you imagine how that smell? Leave it soaked for a night before cleaning.

4. Adding Air Purifier

The last button you could press is purchasing a brand new air purifier. Unless you clean all plates and surfaces thoroughly, you cannot see the maximum potential of the purifier.

It pushes away all the stubborn pesky odor in the air only. If you cannot get rid of the main odor problem, then this purifier would be your white elephant.

Kitchen is the important part of the house. You can’t simply cover your nose when you stop by to take the breakfast plate. Fight the odor with another odor, the aromatic one.

You could also circulate the air well, just in case the bad odor trapped in your cooking area. Don’t forget to pay attention to your cooking utensils, too.


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