How to Remove Paint Smell From House

How to Remove Paint Smell from House

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A fresh coat of paint transforms a room overall feel and look. Unfortunately, lingering paint smell can makes things uncomfortable and unhealthy as well.

Despite there are low odor and low VOC paints offered today, several brands are still offering traditional oil paintings. The solvent contents on it evaporate and the smell stays in the air.

How to remove the smell? Here are several recommendations to try.


1. Using Charcoal

Charcoal is known for being a natural deodorizer. In order to remove the paint smell, you can consider preparing several bowl of charcoal and place them around the painted room.

Leave it there for around one or two hours and you will notice a significant difference. The smell will be absorbed.

In alternative to placing several bowls of charcoal later after the painting, it is smart to actually place them around the room even before the painting begins.

It allows the charcoal to immediately absorb the smell during the process. It gives you dizziness free process, and you don’t have to wait any longer to use the room.

2. Using Baking Soda

Similar to using charcoal, baking soda is the same agreeable alternative. In the same way, prepare several small bowls, and add baking soda in it.

Place the bowls around the room and it will absorb the odors. Unlike charcoal, baking soda is easier to find. In addition to it, it is inexpensive so you can paint the whole house if you want to and you can still remove the odors.

If the painted room gets carpets on it, you should consider spreading the baking soda on the entire carpet surface. Leave it there for a while before vacuuming and you will never smell the odors.

3. Using Lemon and Water

The mixture of lemon and water is magical. To absorb the paint smell, prepare a bucket filled with water and add several slices of lemon in it.

It is recommended to place the bucket in the room since when you are painting the room. Leave it there for a night to get the ultimate result.

If the odors are so bad, you can add some salt in it. The water and salt will effectively absorb the odor in the air while the lemon slices give the room fresh smell.

5 Popular Materials to Remove Paint Smell From House

4. Using Vinegar

Like how we use baking soda and charcoal, we can prepare several bowl of vinegar around the painted room to absorb the odors. It is proven to be effective and natural. However, it can cost more than using baking soda or lemon and water.

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5. Using Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds help on minor odor. Simply prepare several shallow bowls and add the coffee grounds in it. Place the bowls around the painted room to maximize the result. It should absorb the smell and leave the room with romantic smell of coffee.

There are more than enough options to remove the paint smell from your rooms. Choose one in which you already have the ingredients and that will fit best in your situation. No more headache after painting the walls.

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